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6 Ab Exercises For Amazing Ab Definition

Are you looking for a seriously challenging ab workout?! Well, this is the workout you’ve been searching for. These 6 ab exercises will hit your abs from all angles, and with moves like burpees and mountain climbers might even get your heart pumping a bit.

So check out the moves below. I’ve created a circuit workout for you to make things simple. This is one of my favorite routines to do when I’m in a rush for a workout. It’s quick but it works.

The Workout

3 rounds of 1×10 of each exercise 

Complete the exercises in a circuit, by doing 10 reps of each exercise (remember to complete both sides on the one-sided ab bikes), one exercise after another with as little rest as possible between exercises. Once you’ve completed one set of each exercise (that’s 1 round) feel free to take 30-90 seconds of rest. Grab a small drink of water if needed, and then head straight into the next round. Complete 3 rounds total of the circuit!

Tips and Tricks

Remember to engage your abs while completing these exercises- drawing your belly button towards your spine. Keeping your abs engaged this way is definitely harder, but the proper way to do these exercises, and you’ll really feel a difference in not only the burn from these exercises but in the results you get from these exercises (which is why you’re here right?). TUCK THOSE ABS!!  I hope you guys hear me yelling that in the back of your mind as you do this workout. Obnoxious, but hopefully it works.

It’s also so important that you use your obliques and hips to keep your body strong and from swaying side to side especially during Burpees, Mountain Climbers, and Plank to Table where that entire body stability is necessary.

If you feel your form falling apart, go slower or take a break. Doing these exercises the right way is what makes them worth doing at all. If you can’t complete the reps, do what you can and try for more next time!

If you need any ideas for more ways to work your abs check out some of my other workouts like 5 Bench Exercises to Challenge Your Core, Arm and Ab Circuit for Beginners, Build You Own Core Routine, or 8 Exercises for Rock Hard Abs.

Thanks for reading, and as always let me know how it goes.

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