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Arm and Ab Circuit For Beginner’s

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Anyone else ready to work on getting some nice definition in those arms and abs?! If so, this is the perfect arm and ab circuit for you. And if you’re a beginner then don’t worry I made this workout with you in mind!

These exercises will not only build arm and core strength and definition but will also increase the stability needed to achieve even harder upper body exercises.

Now when it comes to the pushups, I am fully aware that if you’re a true beginner, you probably won’t be able to do very many full pushups, if any. If you can do full pushups (as shown below), do as many as you can before switching to modified pushups (on your knees) if needed. And the same goes for any other exercise you have trouble completing.

I put the full pushups in because I want you guys to challenge yourselves as you get stronger- even if that means just 1 full pushup while the rest are modified.

Once you can complete this workout without modifying any of the exercises, it’s time to challenge yourself with a harder workout! I’ll be posting some harder arm and ab workouts in the near future as a follow up to this workout- so keep your eye out if you’re interested in that!

The Workout

There are two circuits below. Repeat each circuit as many times as possible within 6 minutes. Rest 30-90 seconds, then move on to the next circuit. Each circuit is to be completed two times, for a total of 4 total rounds at six minutes, for 24 total minutes of exercise.

Circuit 1

Repeat Circuit 1 as many times as you can for 6 mins.

Rest 30-90 seconds.

Circuit 2

Repeat Circuit 2 as many times as you can for 6 mins.

Rest 30-90 seconds.

Repeat entire workout 1 more time!

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