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Why Your Workout Effort is Much More Important Than Your Physical Ability

We all come to PK Fitness with different experiences- maybe we have heard things about fitness and exercise, or we’ve been told what we’re capable of doing (or more so not capable of doing). Well, today I hope to shatter a few of those expectations, or at least convince you to open your mind. 

I am not here to tell you you can do anything you can set your mind to, because let’s be realistic here- we weren’t all built to be Olympic athletes. But I do have a strong belief that most people are capable of doing more than they think they can!

Growing up, I was good at sports; I was fast, caught on quickly, and was always at the top of my class. We would have races in P.E., and it always fueled my pride to be placed in the boy races (and to be beaten by very few of them). My uncle and cousin both played in the NFL, and all of the kids and adults that surrounded me growing up were all about sports! They taught me to be confident in who I was and my abilities, and to fearlessly pursue glory.

Going into high school, I remained true to those things my family had helped to nurture. I often found the sports that I participated in to be easy, not really ever having to experience loss. The lack of competition surrounding me, allowed me to be lazy; it allowed me to be content with where I was, and to not give a care to get better.

That all changed the summer before my senior year, when I decided to attend a private track club, to get access to a high jump pit before I shipped out to Nationals. However, what I found there was much more than an open high jump pit. I met the man who ended up coaching me to the victory I never knew I was capable of.

He saw my potential through my laziness and knew I was capable of much more. He poked and prodded me, and I ended up at his summer training sessions a few weeks later. I trained me six days a week, up to four hours a day. Each time I reached a new goal and became better than I ever thought I could, I realized that there was still more in the tank- that I could continue to dream even higher. Over the course of the year, David retrained my brain to remain confident, but never content with only beating those who surrounded me; but, to instead constantly strive to beat myself.

And beat myself I did, by a much larger margin than I ever believed I could! But it turned out that my accomplishment wasn’t even my favorite part of that whole year. The biggest takeaway turned out to be the lesson I learned by truly trying. By fearlessly being willing to put in the effort, I saw the fruit of my labor. Seeing those fruits made me crave and become addicted to hard work!

You may not believe that you are capable of achieving things that you dream about…..yet anyways! But perhaps if we all were willing to put in the effort our dreams wouldn’t be so far off. By putting in the effort, and putting in the time, I believe that you are capable to do more than you think you can.

To me, that is the beautiful thing about PK Fitness- it shows us the effort we are putting in. It tells us if we are slacking off, or if we are rocking a workout! The effort score quantifies our work, and helps us be honest with ourselves in each and every workout.

I encourage you to delve into your effort scores, and get excited about the work you post to the app each day! It is with effort that we can continue to grow. We just must be willing to be open enough to truly try. And I hope that when you do you might start to see the heavy value that comes simply with effort, rather than accomplishment.

So, just try it and see what happens; I think you’ll surprise yourself!

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