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Tips for Working Out in Rainy Weather

Just because it’s raining outside, doesn’t mean that you have to let the rain win! You can still get a good workout even if it’s raining. Today I’d like to share just a few tips on how you can maximize working out in rainy weather.

Headed Outside?


Chafing is a common occurrence among exercisers- particularly during workouts that involve repetitive movements like running or cycling. When clothing is wet, chafing is even more likely to occur. To avoid chafing, use Vaseline, or a similar lubricant for your inner thighs, toes, heels, nipples, and any other places that have previously given you trouble.


If planning on doing any fast or precise movements in the rain, you may want to rethink your workout. Whatever surface you find yourself on, if wet, will be more slippery. Plan on either reducing your speed or find a dry spot to do these movements.


Working out in the rain not only reduces your visibility but also that of any nearby traffic. Make visibility both for yourself, cars, and other pedestrians as easy as possible, by choosing bright clothing- or even better with reflective strips. Wear a baseball cap to block eyes from water, and even a headlamp if it’s extra gloomy out.

Rain Gear

Two suggestions I have for those venturing out. First, consider a waterproof case for your phone, if it is not waterproof already. If you’re using PK Fitness it’s almost inevitable you will have your phone, so this will be a good investment. Second, consider wearing a rain jacket- the consideration you may want to make here is choosing a breathable option. If your rain jacket isn’t one of the lighter shells, you are going to be sweating up a storm, real fast.

Staying In?

Just because you can’t go outside or don’t want to, doesn’t mean you can’t get your workout in.

Workout Videos

There are so many great workout videos out there nowadays. If you have a DVD then that is excellent. If you don’t, no big deal you don’t necessarily need one. There are so many great workout videos on YouTube nowadays.

A few popular channels include Body Rock TV- that include some really creative workouts requiring minimal equipment (I have done these, and they will get you), as well as Frugal Fitness- which is all set on providing you great workouts, with no equipment at home! I love BohoBeautiful which is a yoga and pilates account- she has a variety of workouts from calm, meditative yoga, to tough yoga and pilates combos that will have you shaking.

Circuit or HIIT Workouts

Consider doing exercises in a circuit fashion. By doing circuits you can fit strength and cardio into one workout and can do so while using minimal space. Consider using a covered patio area at your house for one of these workouts. Or inside works fine too- it’s what I usually do since I don’t have a patio.

Now you don’t have any excuses to miss your workouts when it rains! I know you can get your workouts in- not only because it’s possible, but you’re here because you want to be fit. Don’t let a little rain hold you back!

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