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The Amazing Arms, Abs & Cardio Workout

Hey guys, today I have a great arms, abs, & cardio workout for you that is perfect when you’re in a pinch for time, but you still want an effective workout. This workout alternates upper body exercises with cardio to maximize your time and calorie burn. Let’s get right to it!

The Workout

Follow along with the photos below, alternating each arm and ab exercise (left column) with your choice of cardio (right column: jumping jacks shown below, but you could also do jogging, running, jump roping, high knees, bunny hops, cycling, rowing, etc.). You will complete 30 seconds of each exercise, each followed by 30 seconds of cardio (for 8 total minutes of exercise). Once you’re through the routine, rest 30-90 seconds and then repeat the routine 2 more times!

That’s 24 total minutes of exercise with a few minutes of rest!

  1. Complete 30 seconds of one of the exercises below (left column).

  2. Complete 30 seconds of your cardio of choice (right column).

  3. Repeat until you’ve completed all 8 exercises.

  4. Rest 30-90 seconds.

  5. Repeat entire routine 2 more times.

Tips and Tricks

In this workout you will have two main focuses. The first is to focus on proper form throughout the arm and ab exercises. Most importantly, activate and brace your core throughout these exercises. If you are unsure check the videos above, or just ask!

Your second focus is to increase your heart rate during your cardio. For these bursts of cardio your goals should be to get your effort up in the 60-80 range, so pick up that pace!!

I hope you guys enjoy this workout, it’s one of my favorites, and I can promise that it’s effective! As always, let me know how you like it, and if you have any questions.

Have a great week!

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