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Huge Calorie Burn Stadium Workout

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

The first week having Bryan Clay (Olympic Gold Medalist) as my track coach was pretty tough….I guess you could say by Friday I was more than a little sore (Like…walking and sitting on the toilet were a problem- that’s when you know you’re sore, right?!). Anyways, to top off the first week of death, was a stadium workout. And I was dreading them, but I figured that at my level of soreness I would at least survive to tell the tale.

And…well…I survived, I mean I’m here telling you this story, but I was not prepared for the level of pure pain I experienced that day! The kicker was we had to do this stadium workout every Friday (ugh)!

They’re hard at first just like anything, but I began to appreciate the challenge! The serious strength and power gains I made, the tone I got, and not to mention the insane calorie burn that all came from this short, but SO effective workout was more than worth it.

So if you’re looking to kill some serious calories, gain some strength, power, and cardio all at once, then do this workout! I’m telling you it’s going to hurt, but in the best way. I think you guys are gonna love this.

The Stadium Workout

All you need for this workout is yourself, and a stadium of some kind. Usually we do this workout based off of number of times up and down the staircase (this is because we have the lovely Citrus stadium at our disposal that has like 60 stairs up, and are also freakishly steep). Since you’re using all you have, which very well may be a 10 step staircase, we will go based on number of touches.

  1. For each of the Stadium Exercises below complete 120 touches (a touch is basically each contact with a stair).

  2. In between each Stadium Exercise set of 120, complete one of the Bench Exercises. Spend 45 seconds doing each bench exercise (this is your “rest”).*

  3. NO WALKING. That even means on the way down, keep it at at least a jog.

  4. **No exercise between Rocket Jumps and Runs, just go straight into the runs. By now you should be tanked, so just aim to finish off with the basic run and you’re done!

(Since you don’t have Bryan watching your every move, obviously the no walking and resting at the bottom is something to strive for. Take what rest you need to survive your first time around, next time challenge yourself a little bit more until you get to that point of being able to not walk or rest until the workout is done. Don’t worry, you’ll get there!)

Stadium Exercises

Bench Exercises

Also, you probably noticed my Forward Lunges are really awkward looking. This is because they were awkward. The stairs I was using were like 3 times as long as the average stair. Be smarter than me, and try to shoot for a stair that’s average size.

And, find some stairs outside that are cement. I have tried to do stair workouts in my house (sorry dad); whether shoes, or socks, or barefoot, carpet is very slippery, as is wood. Go somewhere outside with a rougher surface like cement or asphalt to save yourself from getting hurt, and so that you can pound around to your hearts content and not feel bad about it!

Last but not least, enjoy your workout!!

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