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How to Get Out of a Fitness Rut

Sometimes we just get stuck in a fitness rut- and despite our best efforts, we can’t pull ourselves out of it. When your time to workout rolls around you might find yourself putting a heavy interest in reorganizing your closet, or going through the old high school yearbooks (anything except what you’re actually supposed to be doing, right?). Here are a few ideas to get you back on your feet and out of a fitness funk.


Remember why you started.

A few weeks ago, I challenged you to find your meaning. Look back at that little inscription in the corner of the mirror, or think back to whom or what was to the benefit of your hard work. Don’t lose hope, keeping moving towards those goals!

Don’t forget how far you’ve come!

Think back to when you first started your fitness journey. Maybe you could only walk around the block and now you’re jogging, or maybe you have lost 8 pounds. While the little victories might not be your ultimate goal, they’re getting you there! Get excited about what you’ve accomplished, and use these positives to push you to fight for even more success.

Find a friend!

Working out with a friend can bring some extra enjoyment to a workout. Find someone who is at the same level as you so you can challenge each other. It’s fun being able to see progress with another person, and bringing in a social aspect- by default- adds accountability.

Search for a new location.

Maybe you are just tired of running the same route every day- sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery.  Alternating locations can give you a variety of new things to look at, as well as different grades in landscapes that might add difficulty or interest to a workout.

Upgrade your Playlist!

At one time, your original playlist inspired you to keep moving- but now you find yourself skipping through the songs, trying (without success) to find something that will get you amped. Find some songs you can add to your playlist to give your workout some zest. Search popular workout playlists online to browse through some songs you might enjoy.

We all have those days where we need an extra push, don’t be afraid to throw yourself a bone. Fuel yourself with positive thoughts, and remain strong! You can do this!

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