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How to Find Fitness Accountability

Looking to double your chances for fitness success, have more fun during your workouts, be more willing to create time and space for exercise, and be less likely to get stuck in a fitness funk? I mean who wouldn’t want that?! While this combo may sound way too good to be true, a fitness accountability partner can help to achieve all of these, and much more!

Of course, you can achieve fitness success on your own, but why make it hard on yourself? Get yourself some accountability today and experience the additional support, motivation, and healthy competition that they can bring to your workouts!  

Who to Choose as your Accountability Partner?

Although accountability partners can provide so much benefit to your workout routine, finding the right partner for you is important. You want to make sure you mesh well with the person so that you associate your positive feelings towards that person with exercise, rather than negative ones. A few criteria you should consider…

You Actually Like the Person

Well this is probably obvious, but if you like the person you are working out with you will be more apt to want to workout with them! If it’s someone that is pulling teeth to spend time with, that will only detract from your motivation to workout.

Similar Goals/ Standards

This one can go a few ways. People who are at different levels can still workout with one another, and provide support for each other. This can work really well with like spouses who go to the gym together but complete their own workouts, or larger groups of people who are all at different fitness levels. However, for two people working out with one another who are at different levels, one may be pushed too hard, while the other isn’t working hard enough. Depending on the scenario you find yourself in, make sure everyone is being safe, as well as completing a workout that is good for the level that the individual is at.

Find Accountability on PK Fitness!

Having trouble identifying a person in your life you can ask to be an accountability partner? No problem at all, PK Fitness bridges that gap.

Use the Social Support System on PK Fitness.

PK is a fitness social platform. The social aspect is there for a reason! Check out the leaderboards and compete with others who enjoy the same activities as you, or get competitive with the top users on the board no matter their activity.

Invite Your Friends to PK.

Invite your friends to PK Fitness! Are your friends spread too far and wide, or too busy to coordinate your workout schedules? Encourage one another on PK Fitness. Even if you have an accountability partner and you’re able to work out together often, track your workouts with PK Fitness, and compete to see who has the highest effort throughout your workout.

If you’re ready for a fitness accountability partner, don’t wait and hope for one to find you!! They might do the exact same thing. Be the first to speak up, reach out and offer to be an accountability partner for someone else. Most people will kindly welcome the help!

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