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HIIT Full Body Slam

Sometimes I just need to bust out a 20 minute HIIT full body sesh that burns in the best way. I love HIIT for the way that it makes me feel, it gives me energy and makes me feel stronger. It’s also a style of workout that’s easy to change up, so I never get bored with this style of exercise. Not to mention it ends out burning a bunch of calories not only while you’re exercising but even for up to 16-24 hours later.

This quick little number will give you an awesome workout, and you don’t even need any equipment- just your body weight and a little bit of space! So grab a friend and hit the park, your backyard, or even some space in the living room, and get to it!

The Workout

Repeat the entire circuit 5 times through. 35 seconds of each exercise, 10 seconds rest between exercises.

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