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Full Body Resistance Training Guide

Sometimes going to the gym at all can be a struggle. But getting into the weights section? It can be intimidating to break the ice your first few times.

I always remind myself when trying something new at the gym: everyone is there for self-improvement! And at some point, each person there had to learn how to do different exercises and use different types of equipment.

To take some of the stress out of figuring out what to do when at the gym, I’d put together a little guide of some of the most common resistance exercises both on machines and with free weights- to help you guys not only see how to properly use this equipment but also create a helpful plan that will assist you in building muscle.

Lower Body Exercises

Upper Body Exercises

Core Exercises

Just a few notes. There are multiple ways and machines that can be used to do these exercises. I tried my best to include exercises on basic machines that are typically included in most gyms. If you don’t have access to a similar machine, don’t be afraid to ask a personal trainer at your gym for help, most are happy to give out free advice and tips!

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