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Full-Body Playground Workout

Are you in the need of a little shake up to your workout routine? Indulge your inner kid with this full-body playground workout. At the park you have no excuses: parks are free, they’re literally everywhere, and you can keep your kids entertained while you’re working out. Genius right?!

So, if you’re flying solo, plan a running route that has a playground right smack in the middle where you can break up your cardio with this full body workout. If you’ve got your kids in tote, have them ride next to you on their bikes or scooters; or drive there, and run laps around the park (keeping an eye on your kids as they play), and finish up your workout with this quick full body routine on the playground!

DISCLAIMER: Just because you’re at the park doesn’t mean this workout is all fun and games. This workout is tough, and if you’re doing it right you will really feel the burn. Some of these exercises are advanced, so if you can’t do the full amount of reps that’s okay! Work on having good form and controlling your movement, even if it means you can only do one or two good reps at first. Try your best, and work up to doing the full routine. If you keep at it, trust me you’ll get better!

Playground Full Body Workout

  1. Find a hanging bar and bench you can use.

  2. Complete 2-3 sets of 10 reps of each of the below exercises (For leg exercises this means 10 reps on each leg). 

Good luck, and have fun!

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