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New Year, New You?

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

It’s great to dream- but a dream won’t go anywhere without focus, planning, and dedication. Last week, we posted the blog 3 Easy-Peasy Steps to Make a New Years Resolution That Sticks. This article was a great introduction to making and keeping good resolutions! But this week I am going to challenge you to dig even deeper, so that we make sure this year is not ‘the one that got away’. Its time for a new year, new challenge!

So you’re set- you have your goals, your resources, maybe even an accountability partner- but, let’s talk about you. How will you hold yourself accountable? You can’t only depend on your tools to get to where you want to go. You downloaded PK Fitness, joined the gym, bought new shoes? Great! But what will be most indicative of your success is your own hard work and determination to daily living a healthier life.

It’s all up to you. So, how will you make sure that resolution becomes a reality? Take it seriously! Grab your planner, lay out your year, write it down. Think this through- how will you get to where you want to go? You know your overall goal, so what will be the goal of your spring, summer, fall winter? Then break it down week by week, day by day.

Work, friends, school, etc., etc., will constantly get in the way of accomplishing your resolution. But do you really want this or not? Each night before you go to bed- check your plan for the next day- perhaps you workout at night….but, that’s right your cousin Jeanine is in town, so you better workout in the morning.

This is what it takes, folks! If you’re a spacey, inherently social person like myself- you have got to micromanage the heck out of this thing.

Because how unsatisfying is it to come home at night at 11 PM, consider getting your workout in, but the human desire for sleep is way more satisfying? And thus you give in, day after day.

No! Another year cannot go on this way. It’s not really that you don’t have enough time- it’s that you choose not to carve out the time. So, let’s do this! Let’s learn how to be honest with ourselves, with our time. Hold yourself accountable!

If you’re not convinced- I beg of you, just try this for one week. Just one measly week.  Make a real plan for yourself. It doesn’t have to be the best or hardest workout plan ever made- make it practical, make it something that is just right for you. Even, I daresay, make it something you actually like. (Let me let you in on a little secret- making your workouts something fun, is an excellent way to trick yourself into coming back.)

If you try this for one week I’m only hoping that you might start to crave that workout time. That maybe you’ll find out you like how powerful it makes you feel when you choose to do what you set out to do. Maybe you’ll even start to feel inspired by your own dedication, and you will want to keep going! If you don’t like it, I promise I will refund every penny you spent to read this blog… 😉

This year will be different for me, because I have made the choice, and will continue to make that choice daily. Join me, it feels pretty great over here!

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