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Fat Burn Cardio Circuit

Sometimes, just going on a run gets boring! I thought it might be fun to share with you just one of the circuit workouts that I like to do during the week to get more of a full body workout and to get my heart working. Circuits are awesome, you get your cardio, some bodyweight strength exercises, and a full body workout in a short period of time. 

 All you need is yourself, a little space to run, and your PK app. This is meant to get your heart moving!

Fat Burn Cardio Circuit

  1. Complete each round with proper form as fast as you can.

  2. In between each round run for 30 seconds!

  3. Rest 30-90 seconds between rounds, and get right back into the next round.

Round 1


Push Ups

Body Squats x20

(Don’t forget: 30 second run)

Round 2

Downward Dog Pushups

Leg Lifts x20


(30 second run)

Round 3

Sumo Squats


Diamond Pushups

(30 second run)

Round 4

Heels to Sky


High Knees

(30 second run)

If this workout is too easy for you, then I challenge you- do it faster, go a few times through, or even make some of the exercises harder! This might be really hard for you! If there is something that you cannot do on this list, take that thing and replace it with something you can do, until you’re ready to move up to that next level. You might not be able to even do a pushup. Feel free to take this workout and modify it to your level. Try pushups on your knees, and if you can’t do 10 of those, do as many pushups on your knees as you can! The goal is to challenge yourself wherever you are.

The great thing about circuit workouts, is if you do the same one over a series of weeks you will be able to see your progression with each move, and you will also be able to see the progression in your time, and in your effort over extended periods of time. If this workout doesn’t strike your fancy, I encourage you to find something that you do like. Challenge yourself, and find a benchmark workout that you can consistently come back to see where you’re at.

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