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8 Stretches You Can Do From Your Office Desk

Does anyone else feel totally cooped up after hours of focus at their office desk? Of course, you do! Sitting in one place for hours is enough to drive a sane human mad!

Those who do work in an office space often develop tight muscles because humans were not built or meant to sit at a desk all day. And if you are someone who exercises, this will affect your workouts; not to mention, comfort in day to day life, and increase your risk for injury. So it’s important to combat this muscle tightness with stretching, and just getting out for walks during the day to get some blood flow going.

Below I have listed 8 stretches that you can do from your office desk.

Office Desk Stretches

No more excuses, these stretches are easy to do, and you don’t even have to leave your desk to do them. Sometimes taking care of ourselves really can be a small task- but just because it’s small and easy doesn’t mean it won’t have a huge impact on our lives. So remember to get these in whenever you can find time for a break in your day. Every little bit helps!

For a few more tips to make your day a little easier, check out this blog for 10 Easy Ways to Make Your Workday Healthier.

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