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7 Easy Ways to Trick Yourself to Stick to Your Exercise Program

Need some inspiration, some change, something to get you to stick to your exercise program? Sometimes, it’s hard to keep going. That’s why I’ve created a list of ideas how to trick yourself into continuing your exercise program. And don’t worry, you’re tricking yourself for your own greater good. Keep reading to determine which trick will work best for you.

#1) Reevaluate Your Program Often

Do you enjoy what you’re doing? Maybe something you were doing last week just isn’t tripping your trigger anymore. You have to know when it’s time to switch it up. Working out should be fun! There are so many creative ways to stay active. If you’re at a loss, ask your friends what they do, or search for new workout ideas on the internet.

#2) Create a Perfect Environment

Set yourself up for success by controlling everything possible in your environment. Create a playlist with all your favorite jams, get a gym membership to that fancy gym in town (even though it’s a little more expensive), and buy comfortable clothes that won’t distract you while you workout. If you’re at home: set the temperature just right, and turn the lights to a brightness that makes you most comfortable.

#3) Find a Friend

Even if you can’t workout with someone everyday- find someone who will work out with you at least once a week. Having someone to talk to, and challenge you will inspire you, and keep your workout passion burning.

#4) Just do something

If you don’t feel like working out on a given day- that’s okay we all feel that way sometimes. But do something! Skipping your workout altogether might make it easier for you to say no the next day, and the next, until the next thing you know you’ve hit a lull. But somedays just showing up and going through the motions is enough to keep the ball rolling. Even if it’s minimal- go for a walk, jog a mile, show up at your exercise class!

#5) Invest in Quality Workout Clothes

My mom always buys herself nice workout clothes to try to get herself to workout- it never works. And for some people it won’t…especially if that’s the only motivation you have to get moving. For an active person like myself, when I come home I usually plan to workout….but sometimes that sofa just looks so comfy. BUT if I come home and see my new Lulu shorts waiting for me on my bed- I’m dying for an excuse to wear them. So I might as well do my workout!

#6) Make a Backup Plan

There’s always those days where your workout time unexpectedly gets filled in with other priorities. What will you do if it does? Have a backup plan so some sort of workout will always be in the queue for when you finish your busyness.

#7) Keep Working Out with PK! 

You have accountability right here (and we need you to keep us accountable too)! If we aren’t cool enough for you, invite a friend to the app and encourage each other.

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