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6 Perfectly Balanced Breakfasts

Eating a balanced breakfast will prepare your mind and body to perform best throughout your day. A good balanced breakfast will incorporate all 3 Macronutrients- carbs, protein, and fats!

Carbs will give your brain and body the energy they need to thrive. Protein will control your cravings and keep you focused- not to mention fuel your cells for recovery and optimal function! Lastly fat will keep you full for the long haul, will help you absorb other nutrients in the rest of your food, and are so good for your brain. This is such a short list of the way each of these provide real benefit in your everyday life and are so needed.

So start your day with fuel! Check out 6 of my balanced breakfast ideas below which incorporate each of the macronutrients to prepare you best for your day!

6 Balanced Breakfast Ideas

Avocado Toast & 2 Eggs

  1. 2 eggs (however you like ’em)

  2. whole grain bread (Dave’s, or Ezekiel are awesome)

  3. 1/2 avocado (mashed)

  4. Basil and pepper to taste

  5. olive oil drizzle

Quinoa Smoked Salmon Bowl

  1. quinoa (Trader Joe’s frozen take less than 5 mins)

  2. smoked salmon

  3. poached egg

  4. avocado

Fruity & Nutty Parfait

  1. plain greek yogurt

  2. 1 Tbsp nut butter

  3. 1/2 cup fruit

  4. granola

  5. honey drizzle to taste

Breakfast Wrap

  1. Ezekiel sprouted tortilla

  2. turkey

  3. cheese

  4. scrambled eggs (1 whole egg, 1 just egg whites)

  5. spinach

  6. tomato

  7. sauce or hummus if desired

Veggie Omelet with Avocado

  1. 2 eggs scrambled

  2. veggies of choice

  3. 1/2 avocado

Protein Powder Smoothie

  1. vanilla protein powder of choice

  2. 1 cup water or milk of choice (I used Trader Joe’s Almond Blueberry Lavender milk, and yes it was as delicious as it sounds)

  3. frozen mixed berries

  4. spinach

  5. chia seeds

Build Your Own Balanced Breakfast

Protein Ideas

  1. Yogurt

  2. Eggs

  3. Salmon, Ham, Turkey

  4. Protein Powder

  5. Beans

Carbs Ideas

  1. Whole grains (bran, oats, muesli)

  2. Quinoa

  3. Veggies

  4. Fruits

Fats Ideas

  1. Avocado

  2. Nuts/seeds

  3. Pesto

  4. Olives

  5. Chia Seeds

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thank you! much needed info.

Gefällt mir

Samantha Conner
Samantha Conner
20. März 2022

These look absolutely amazing and i can't wait to try! Do you have dinner and snack ideas as well?

Gefällt mir
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