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5 Tips for Exercising When You’re Lazy

I don’t like exercising. OK maybe its a love/hate thing, but it definitely feels more like hate sometimes. The hardest thing for me isn’t the actual act of lifting heavy things or jogging on the treadmill, but it’s just getting myself to the weights in the first place. Just me? Maybe that’s why my gym loves me…

Too lazy to Exercise?

Don’t even get me started. I think its safe to say that “lazy” is my spirit animal. My biggest vice is reaching the end of a long day, looking at the clock and going “Dang. I could really go for a nap right now.”

Don’t fall for the nap. The nap is not your friend. The gym is your friend. (repeat 3x and put on your gym clothes.)

So whats a guy(gal) to do? It really comes down to one thing; setting yourself up for success. Our daily lives are busy, and distractions don’t call ahead to check for convenience. If you’re gonna stick to your plans, you need to be ready for anything!

#1) Bring Your Gym Clothes to Work/School

This one is just too easy! Your gym clothes will forgive you for leaving them in your car all day, and you’re a lot less likely to succumb to that nap if the only thing between your desk and your gym is a stretch of road! No pit steps necessary!

#2) At-Home Workout

This is something that a lot of people seem to ‘forget’ about! Not having a full squat rack in your bedroom doesn’t make home workouts useless. There are tons of at home workouts you can try when you need to break a sweat without the gym, and if you’re really in need of an easy going night, why not work on your flexibility with a bit of yoga? The key here is to remember that some exercise is always better than no exercise!

#3) Say Hi to Gym Staff/Regulars

You don’t need to be best friends, but don’t be scared of a little small talk! Being on a first name basis with your fellow gym-goers is a great way to feel included and will do a lot to keep you motivated. Having a few friendly faces around not only makes the gym more enjoyable, but gives you an opportunity to ask questions and get tips from people that may be more experienced than you.

#4) Schedule It / Set an Alarm

This is a big one for me because I hate exercising on an empty stomach. I have alarms set for every day of the week, reminding me 2 hours before the gym that its time to have a snack and start getting pumped up! When making a plan, don’t think in terms of “I’ll go to the gym at some point today,” but be more specific and keep a section of time clear of everything else. “I’m going to the gym today from 6-7pm” is a lot easier to stick to once life starts throwing you curve balls, and it keeps you from using the excuse of “I didn’t have the time”!

#5) Write Your Goal in Plain Sight

So simple, and so effective… its hard to open that second pint of ice cream when there’s a sticky note on the side that says “I want to lose 2% body fat in 6 weeks”. Go ahead and write down a goal, and place it anywhere that you will see it! Try out your bathroom mirror, bedroom door, refrigerator, or under your TV. Be creative and put it in places you will need motivation the most!

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