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3 Major Keys to Fitness Success

Beginning a fitness journey is exciting, but sticking with it can be daunting. According to a study published by the journal of Health Psychology, forming a habit is the leading factor in maintaining consistent exercise. I’d like to leave you with three key suggestions for forming habits, that will help you stay on target.

Set a date with yourself…

and stick to it! We are all victim to finding other priorities, and promising ourselves we will workout later or tomorrow. Create space in your day: plot out time in your planner, or set an alarm. Be smart about the time you choose; consider your schedule of other activities, and even the proximity and content of what you are eating to your workout. With full preparation you will find less excuses to skip out.

Break up the time…

by doing two or three shorter bouts of exercise throughout the day. A recent study produced by Clinical Physiology and Functioning Imaging claims between 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise, and 3, 10 minute bouts of moderate intensity exercise, the smaller bouts of exercise contributed to greater fat oxidation.

This means, breaking up exercise is just as good for fat metabolism, if not better than one full workout. Whether you are ‘not in good enough shape’ or ‘don’t have enough time’, you fortunately (or unfortunately) can’t use those excuses any longer. Wake up 10 minutes earlier, or use a third of your lunch break to get a mini workout in.

Find meaning…

in your fitness journey. It’s not usually the science that motivates consistent exercisers, but the understanding of a greater purpose. Maybe you want to be able to keep up with your kids, or perhaps you have always had an interest in biking through national parks, and never got around to training for it. Whatever it may be for you, find the heart that keeps your fitness journey going.

Once you discover your meaning, I encourage you to write it down and display it on your mirror at home. Having that higher ambition right in front of your nose everyday will provide an extra nudge to get active. I challenge you to take a photo of your meaning, and display it on your PK app with a workout!

Let’s support each other in our fitness journeys- that’s what PK Fitness was made for. Keep an eye out for my first workout post next week, to find out what my meaning is!  

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