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18 Fun Ways to Exercise in Summer!

Why does exercise sometimes feel like such a chore?! I always tend to just squeeze in workouts here and there because I feel like I have to, but I never make time for fun exercise. Which is a shame because what is more fun than exercise in summer?! Don’t let summer pass you by without getting active in this beautiful weather.

It just takes one hike, one bike ride around the block with my friends, one kayak trip around the lake on family vacation to get me excited about being active again. But really all of these fun activities are exercise in disguise! Doing something that you love, and doing something you find fun can be a great way to keep your fitness motivation fire burning. It never hurts to give yourself a reason to get excited about exercise!

Since it’s summer, the best time to get out and explore, I thought I would leave you guys a list of some of my top 18 ideas of ways you can exercise in summer that won’t feel like a chore!

#1) Bike Ride

Whether you’re one of our crazy intense cyclers in our PK fam, or just down for a slower family ride along the beach- biking is an excellent workout, and so much fun!

#2) Surfing

I tried surfing once- it was so fun, but I was also dead tired after!! Getting over those waves is really hard work! Side note: If you’re in the So-Cal area like PK, please be careful with all the recent shark sightings (maybe a good enough excuse to treat yourself to a trip to Hawaii instead).

#3) Rafting

Nothing like some scary rapids to motivate you to get paddling! Trust me if you work hard enough your arms will be sore by the time you’re done.

#4) Kayaking/ Canoeing

This activity can be fit to any level- for those of you who are experienced out there this might mean treading some risky waters, but if you’re an average joe like me, find a calm spot to paddle around and get the hang of it, even paddling around calm waters can be a good workout!

#5) Favorite Childhood Game (Kickball, Capture the Flag, etc)

Nothing like taking yourself back to days when the living was easy! There is a part of me that will never give up on capture the flag no matter how old. I just wish someone would ask me to play (hint, hint).

#6) Boat Sports (Water Skiing, Wake Boarding, etc.)

This requires way too much coordination for me, I have tried so many times and always fall flat on my face (I think I’ll stick to the tubing). For the rest of you, if you know someone with a boat, give this a spin! Check out PK Fitness’s very own @madison, she posted some Water skiing workouts and was putting some nice effort in!

#7) Sky Zone

If you live within a reasonable distance to a Sky Zone, grab your kids… or go by yourself! For those of you who don’t know, Sky Zone facilities specialize in these huge trampolines everywhere, with areas for games, a foam pit- the whole bit. If you don’t do this often, be prepared to be dying, it gets tiring pretty quick!

#8) Clean Your House

Alright so I know this is more within the chore category than even working out is, but some of those house chores can really get your heart rate up! If you’re looking to sneak a workout in, throw your HR monitor on as you work away.

#9) Active Video Games (Just Dance, Dance Dance Revolution, Wii Fit, etc.)

Active video games are truly the best! They’re so fun, and you can really work up a sweat quick if you do it right! PK’s very own @Myk loves a mean DDR party, and he’s always down for a dance battle. Check out his account to see some intense DDR workouts.

#10) Join a Rec League  

Rec leagues are a great way to enjoy those sports that you love most. Grab some friends, and join a league, or just get together to play each other once or twice a week.

#11) Yard Work

Oh yes, time to give credit to all of those hard days spent working in the yard. Check out @pomonafarmer on PK, he’s in the APU Summertime Challenge, and he really get’s movin’ out there (and makes beautiful landscapes while he’s at it)!!

#12) Rock Climbing

Did you ever go to one of those rock climbing parties as a kid, and would just scramble up the walls for hours and by the end your legs were dead tired and shaking? Yep, it’s a great workout, and a great strength builder too.

#13) Dancing (Zumba, Swing Dancing, Salsa, Barre etc.)

Ready to try something new? Join a dance class! When you leave I promise you’ll be sweating up a storm, and the best part is dancing is so fun!

#14) Hiking

There is nothing like a good hike, the burn in your legs, the fresh air, the views. Hiking will never feel like a chore to me, more of a release from everyday life!

#15) Have a walking meeting

Do you often plan meetings with your coworkers to just sit around and talk? Take that meeting outside and talk as you go for a group walk!

#16) Play with your kids

Playing with your kids can be so hard, they just go and go! And the best part is, they love it when you play with them and give them attention. Might as well kill two birds with one stone!

#17) TV Workout

Are you a TV binger finding it difficult to give up that one last episode to fit in a workout? Well, apparently you are not alone! In your google search bar, search for ‘TV workout’ and it gives you a plethora of workouts for various shows. How it works is you have exercises to do every time certain things happen, or certain characters say certain words, etc. Pretty fun!

#18) Body Surfing

This takes me back to childhood days of riding the waves with my brother! Hop in the ocean and go for a swim! The waves present new challenges that you wouldn’t experience in your everyday pool. The ocean can get choppy and dangerous, so just make sure you’re being careful. When I go into the ocean I always make sure that where I am swimming I can touch the ground if I were to stand up!

I hope these ideas get your creativity moving! We owe it to ourselves to enjoy how we are spending our time. So give yourself a little self-care, and plan a date with yourself to do something active you enjoy, at least once this week. Don’t forget to get active in summer, you won’t regret it!!

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