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12 Ways to Stay Active While on Vacation

Spring break is upon us! Sandy beaches and a margarita in hand may be all you need to kiss your workout routine goodbye. But none of us wants to be that lazy bum that rolls back home with more pounds to shed!! If you plan your trip right, you can get some good exercise, and you’ll be having so much fun it won’t even really feel like exercise!

Get off your booty this vacation- and stay active this year so once you’re done, you’ll deserve relaxing under that shady palm tree.

#1) Go on a Run in the City

Explore what’s out and about. Plan it out, bring a map, or don’t! Get lost and find parts of the city you may never have seen if you hadn’t gone out to explore on your own. If you’re directionally challenged such as myself and are worried you may never find your way home- I suggest the ‘out and back’ method- just stay on one street and when you’re about halfway done with your run turn around and come back!

#2) Take a Hike

Hiking is a wonderful way to adventure. Not only can it be a great calorie burning activity but you get to see views and parts of nature that you would otherwise not get to see from the viewpoint of a car.

#3) Go on a Bike Ride or Tour

Biking can be a fun family activity, and a good way to sneak in a workout! Go on a ride together, or wake up before everyone else to go get some fresh breeze and movement in the early AM.

#4) Water Adventures

Whether it’s snorkeling, water skiing, kayaking, or surfing there are so many ways to stay active when you’re around some water! The water will make you feel fresh and rejuvenated, it feels more like play than work!

#5) Pack Some Equipment

While you may not be able to bring the whole gym with you, some resistance bands or TRX cables are portable and light for packing. (And of course, don’t forget your running shoes/hiking boots!)

#6) Bring a Workout DVD

If you’re unsure of the Wifi situation, a workout DVD is a good bet. You can even do the DVD from the comfort of your hotel within a small area.

#7) Walk

Walk to dinner, the nearest attraction, around town, or even the nearby mall. This can be as relaxing or as speedy as you make it!

#8) Create Some Friendly Competition

Compete with your companions. If anyone skips out on the exercise for the day they have to buy dinner for the crew! Or….if one of your buds skips a workout, or eats poorly they owe the group 30 squats and 30 pushups first thing the next morning.

#9) Get Out in Nature!

Head to the beach, or another scenic spot to do some relaxing yoga, or your intense HIIT/Circuit workout. Just the change of scene will make the workout fun and exciting!

#10) Play Games

If you have kids, they will be especially keen on this idea. But even if you don’t have kids- it’s okay, you are never too old for games! Organize a few buds to hit the tennis court, for some 2-on-2 basketball, kickball, capture the flag, soccer, beach volleyball, or whatever else you can come up with! If possible move your game to the beach, running around on the sand will tire you out.

#11) Golfing

Resort areas often have golf courses for those on vacation. Check your area to see what’s available- and walk the course rather than riding in the cart!

#12) Hotel Gym

I have seen some pretty nice hotel gyms in my day, and when you’re using the hotel gyms, it almost feels fun rather than like your daily routine. Head to the hotel gym and see what they have. You just might be surprised, and you’ll be so glad you got your workout it!

I hope these ideas have inspired you to stay active this vacation!

Last but not least, don’t forget all of that eating out can really do you dirty. Make a point of stopping at the local grocery store to pick up some healthy snacks! When my family went on vacation to Maui, we were lucky enough to have a community grill in our backyard. Every day for lunch my dad would barbecue chicken, and we would eat it over lush, veggie-filled salads! For breakfast, we had big bowls of fruit, with granola. He usually let us go out for dinner, where we had more free reign over the restaurants.

But I don’t look back at that trip and think that we missed out on some incredible foods, I look back and remember how yummy those breakfasts and lunches were, just using ingredients from the area!

Depending on where you go, you might not have the resources to prepare such meals for yourself, but sticking to one ‘cheat meal’ a day is a good rule of thumb.

Bottom line: Just do your best to be active and make healthy choices, but above all have fun and ENJOY yourself!!

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