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11 Ways to Workout with your Dog

There is nothing better than that look of pure joy on your sweet pups face at the jangle of the leash as you grab it off the hook, or it’s eager playfulness as it waits to fetch the ball just one more time. Doing a workout with your dog can be a ton of fun!

Even if you don’t have a (not so mild) puppy obsession like myself….you must admit, their awesome attitude and boundless energy does make them the perfect workout partner!

So make your dog the happiest little guy around, and mix up your workout by bringing your dog along on a fun workout that’s built for the two of you. Check out my eleven ideas below that you can do with your favorite furry friend.

 Fun Ways to Workout with your Dog

#1) Daily Walk

Sorry, it was too obvious, but there’s always the usual walk around the neighborhood. It may be simple, but it’s always nice to get out, shake out the legs, get some fresh air, and enjoy some quality time with your pup. That same old path can get boring, switch it up by letting him do the directing for once.

#2) Hiking

‘Give yourself and your pooch a little challenge by amping up that elevation gain! Your legs will get a good burn, and your dog will love getting out in nature and exploring new spots.

#3) Jogging

Challenge both you and your dogs’ cardio by picking up the pace. Most dogs love letting loose, and you will too when you’re stride in stride with Fido. Just like you your dog may need some time to adjust to prolonged periods of cardio, help him by giving him time to build up to longer workouts.

#4) Paddle boarding

This one might be an activity for the more experienced paddle boarder, as it takes a minute or two to get used to your own weight and the maneuvering on a paddle board. But once you’re used to it have your dog sit on the front as you steer around.

#5) Kayaking

Kayaking might not be a super active activity for your dog, but it is a great adventure that they will appreciate! Plus, a great arm workout for you with all that extra weight you’re paddling around.

#6) Dog friendly

Bootcamp Check out these doggie fitness classes at Leash Your Fitness. Classes involve both strength and cardio for yourself, as well as obedience training for your dog while you workout! What a perfect combo. There are so many other spots that do similar bootcamps, look into something that suits both you and your dog.

#7) Doggie Yoga

Yes it may sound a bit ridiculous, but just think about the way your dog stretches in the morning- how do they hit that perfect Cobra? ‘Doga’ or dog yoga is actually a real thing, and it’s a partner yoga class you can do with your dog. Classes vary around dog training, human yoga, massage, relaxation, etc.

#8) Fetch

Fetch doesn’t have to be just for your dog. Throw a ball or frisbee, and chase after it with your pup. Sprinting will get you winded quick, and you’ll be tossed by the time you’re done!

#9) Soccer

Your dog will love kicking and chasing the ball around the yard. Maybe if you’re feeling fancy, teach your dog some tricks with a soccer ball.

#10) Canine Charity Race

There are all kinds of dog friendly races out there you can do with your pup. Many of these races include water stops for humans and dogs, dog medals, and many of the proceeds go towards charities that help local animals and dogs in need. Search for races in your area.

#11) Climb Stairs

Stair workouts are tough, but you will find no partner more eager to go scale the local stadium than your pooch!

Whatever fun activity you decide to do with your dog, just remember that he needs to stay hydrated too. Dogs have thick coats, and they can overheat much faster than humans do.

Remember your dog is your partner, and if he needs to take a break or be done, be done for the day, no need to push the little guy to extremes. His cardio and muscles will grow just like yours do, and if you keep working out together both of you will be able to do more and more!

Workout with your dog, and make him the happiest little fur ball alive! You’ll be happy you did.

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