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You can start a workout 3 different ways depending on what devices (if any) you have connected. 


Just using your phone: 

You can track any moving workout, such as walking and running, using just your phone. Click the "Start Earning" button on the home page of the app and be sure to keep your phone on you during the workout to receive effort and coins. To end the workout, tap anywhere on the screen then hold down the "yes" button. 


Using your phone + a Bluetooth device: 

Before starting your workout, please connect your Bluetooth heart rate monitor. For instructions on how to connect a device, please click the coin button in-app (located on the navigation bar) and select "connect a device". For a list of compatible devices, click here. 


Once you've successfully connected your device, you should see your heart rate above the heart icon on the home page of the app (above the start earning circle). Click "Start Earning" to begin your workout and tap anywhere on the screen to end it. 


Note: by connecting a Bluetooth heart rate monitor you are able to track any workout type. Remember to keep your phone within 30 ft for the Bluetooth connection. 


Using an Apple Watch:

Open the PK app on your watch and click the green play button to begin your workout. To end your workout, swipe right and click the red stop button. 

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