Important Information:

  • Founded: 2015

  • Founders: Bryan Clay, Ed Leonard

  • Lead Developers: Myk Vance, Alex Weiner

  • Co-developers: Andrew Tran, Nika Elashvili

  • Head of Product: Campbell McGrouther

  • Design: Erin Lazak

App Features:

  • Real-time effort tracking.

  • Manual and real-time workout log.

  • Share with the community  (post photos, statuses, workouts)

  • Earn badges and weekly streaks.

  • Nudge friends who haven’t done a workout in a while.

  • Receive intelligent insights, both in real-time and post-workout (pace, elevation, split times, distance, etc.)

  • Review analytics like effort zones, graphs, and maps.

  • View interactive graphs and maps that give you a detailed picture of your workout.

  • Compare effort with friends (workout comparison).

  • Compatible with any activity type and fitness level.

  • Effort is personalized to you and learns with each workout you do.

  • Compatible with any open source heart rate monitor + Apple Watch (must connect a monitor to receive effort).

  • Join PK Groups, explore PK Places, and participate in PK Challenges.

App Screenshots

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Madison Leonard | Head of Marketing & User Engagement

W: 626-335-6520 | C: 626-340-1444

Email & Skype ID |


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