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How to Achieve Serious Ab Definition

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Having a six pack seems to be a common goal amongst the masses. Believe it or not, each person does have an existing set of abs (they might be hiding under layers of flab, but believe me: they’re in there)! And regardless of genes, everyone has the ability to improve ab tone. I’d like to provide you with a few pointers to getting those abs that really ‘pop’!

More Cardio

It’s definitely possible to have strong abs, without them being visible. This is because the abdominal muscles are often hidden under a layer of belly fat. Getting rid of that pudge has more to do with adding in some fat-busting cardio, than adding extra crunches. Find a type of cardio you enjoy, even doing little bouts of cardio at a time can help.

Quality Over Quantity

With ab exercises, it’s quality over quantity. Concentrate on doing your ab exercises with proper form: contract abdominal muscles, and open up breathing while completing moves. By doing exercises slowly, and correctly you will fatigue the muscles quicker and more thoroughly.

Mix it Up

Mix up your routine. Sure, sit-ups are great- but your abs do much more than allow you to bend at the spine, they also stabilize you during so many other motions. Adding in rotational, or oblique exercises will not only enhance your strength but improve your tone.


Finally, remember that your abs are just like any other muscle group. After giving them a hard workout they should receive 24-48 hours of quality R&R. This way, they can be ready to give their maximum effort on the next workout.

For more inspiration check out my blog Creating Your Own Core Routine to start building your core workout today!

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