How to Join a PK Challenge

How to Join a PK Challenge

PK Challenges are such a fun way to connect with not only the PK community, but even your co-workers, friends, and family! If you’re looking for fitness accountability and motivation you are in the right place. And joining a challenge is super easy.

Join a PK Challenge

join a challenge

To join a challenge, first, discover a challenge you would like to join. You can do so by heading to our PK Challenge Homepage. Some challenges are public, meaning they are available to anyone and everyone on the PK Fitness app. Other challenges are private, meaning they are only meant for people of a particular group, like a gym, or company.

Once you have discovered the challenge that’s just right for you, open the PK Fitness app. Go to the search tab, and search for the name of the challenge you want to join. This name might be something like ‘Summer Fit Challenge’ or ‘2018 Fresh Start’. Once the challenge pops up, tap on it. You should now be on the challenge homepage. Click the orange¬†join now button, and you’re in!

While you’re here feel free to check out all of the fun stuff on your challenge page like the daily leaderboard, challengers, photo gallery, PK Groups, PK Places, and more!


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