Why Join the Challenge?

PK Challenges are designed to help you get fit, stay accountable, and have fun while doing it! If you're willing to invest a few weeks of your life, you could develop positive and healthy lifestyle changes, to last a lifetime. Don't miss out on this unique experience to join your friends who have similar goals of getting fit! 


What's Included

Win $2,500 in Prizes

Complete the weekly goals and receive an entry into both weekly and grand prize drawings!


Reach Your Fitness Goals

Receive the support you need to reach your goals. We all have different goals- whether you like hiking, biking, weight lifting, yoga- do what activities you like most to complete challenge goals. 


Join On-Campus Classes

 Plug into the community, by attending optional on-campus fitness classes with your fellow APU faculty, staff, friends, and family on your lunch break!



Receive Superior Insight to Workouts

PK Fitness tracks your effort, time, distance, calorie burn, pace, and much more! Each time you workout on PK Fitness, you receive superior insight into your fitness progress. PK Fitness automatically makes the APU Challenge simple by tracking your challenge progress down to the week, day, and minute. 


What are people saying? 


The APU Community on PK Fitness

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to get fit with your fellow APU faculty, staff, family, and friends This is a community experience you won't want to miss!