Why PK Fitness?

PK Fitness has the potential to be the greatest tool in your training arsenal. We give you the ability to push your clients and maximize their results through a simple, easy to use application. PK Fitness has a variety of features perfectly tailored to your needs.

PK Groups


PK Fitness uses 'PK Groups" to allow you to link up with friends, family, clients, and everyone in between! With PK Groups you have the option to make your group private or public, and through the use of our leaderboard system you can compare workouts with ease.

As a trainer, you have the option to include your availability and a brief description of yourself and your training style. Setting your group to public allows you to be found by anyone on PK Fitness, giving you the exposure you need to grow your client base.

Using our Group system gives you an easy to use way of staying connected to your clients, holding them accountable to their goals, and analyzing their workouts all in one place!

If you're interesting in creating a group click here to fill out a quick group creation form!


Workout analysis


With PK Fitness, you have access to insights that no other application can offer; we give you a real time look into how much effort is being exerted in each workout. 

We've broken our workout analytics into 3 main tiles, all showing your workout in different ways: the Zones graph, detailed effort graph, and the metrics tile. Our Zones Graph divides workouts into three categories for an easy to understand visual: Active, Aerobic, and Performance. This graph indicates how many minutes were spent in each zone throughout the workout.

The metrics tile gives you all your data in one place: depending on the workout, the metrics tile will show calories, duration, steps, distance covered, elevation gained, and your average pace.




Our detailed effort viewer shows you the ebb and flow throughout a workout as your body works and recovers.

By tapping the graph or the map you can scrub back and forth to see calories burned, heartrate, elapsed time, and of course effort from any point in the workout. You can use this graph to better understand how quickly your body (and your client) recovers during exercises and to push yourself to your personal best.

If you are looking at a mobile workout (such as a run or bike ride) you can also use the map to view effort details by tapping the map screen. the benefit of this is seeing where you were along your route as well as your effort and other metrics at that precise moment.


Social Feed


With the PK Fitness social feed your clients will have a platform to communicate, motivate, and work together towards their goals.

We have integrated a social media aspect to PK Fitness to help create a sense of community and accountability for our users, one of the most overlooked aspects of a successful fitness journey. You can save photos to your workouts, add filters to them, and share them to other social media outlets with PK Fitness overlays to show off progress and personal achievements!



PK Places


PK Places are GPS-based locations (such as gyms) that are programmed into our app and are automatically linked to all workouts done at that location.

PK Places are a great place for trainers and gyms alike; trainers can see current and potential clients while gyms are given the ability to link their website, location, and phone number.

All photo's taken at PK Places are also linked to the workout they were attached to and are shown on the PK Place page. This makes it easy for people to browse and see what your location has to offer while getting an idea what kind of workouts to expect.