Tips 'n' Tricks

Active, Aerobic, and Performance Zones

Your effort while working out is categorized into three different zones. Active (Blue), Aerobic (Green), and Performance (Orange). The Active zone represents an effort of 0-49, the Aerobic zone represents an effort of 50-69, and the Performance zone represents an effort of 70-100. 

Tips N Tricks - Map Detail

Map Details

Tap on the map to see your data at all points throughout your workout. Slide your finger across the bottom to see your effort, time, distance, pace, calories, and BPM second by second.

FAQ - Hidden Locations

Hide Locations

Find the menu icon located in the top left corner of the PK Fitness home page and select General. Scroll down to the Workout Privacy section for the ability to edit map visibility and workout partners. Click Hidden Locations to add a radius around your home or work address so PK always hides the maps of workouts done within your chosen radius. 

2 phone combo(800px).png

Hide Tiles

You now have the ability to select which specific tiles are shown in your workout. You will still be able to see all your workout tiles, but only the ones you select are shown publicly.

Manually Log Workout

Manually log a workout that you missed tracking by going to the options in the side menu and selecting Log Workout. From there, you will be able to select from a series of options that will help personalize your workout. 

Graph Detail.png

Graph Detail 

Tap on your effort graph to see all the data points through your workout. Slide your finger across the bottom to see your effort, time, distance, pace, calories, and BPM second by second. 

Edit Post

You can edit a post at any time. Click on the post in your workout log, then tap on the little down arrow in the bottom right corner of the workout. 

connect a sensor.png

Connect Sensor

To connect a sensor, tap the screen to start a workout, then choose connect a sensor from the menu. Wait for your sensor to appear in Nearby Sensors, and click your sensor to connect. 

Sharing as iMessage.png

Share as 


To share your post with iMessage, tap the sharing button below your workout and select Share as iMessage. Once in iMessage, add contacts, and a personal message to your text. 

share to facebook.png

Share to Facebook

To share your post to Facebook, tap the sharing button below your workout and select Share to Facebook. Determine what audience you'd like to share your post with, and create a caption for your post. 

Share to Instagram

To share your post to Instagram, tap the sharing button below your workout and select Share to Instagram. Select photo filters and overlays. Once in Instagram, resize and edit your photo to your liking. 

Share as Image

To share your post as an image, tap the sharing button below your workout and select Share as Image. Swipe right and left on the photo to choose overlays. Swipe right and left on the bottom to choose photo filters. 

PK Places

Make a post at a PK Place, and your workout will be tagged there. Tap the tag at the bottom of your workout to view details of the PK Place like the daily leaderboard, photo gallery, and people. 

Photo Filters.png

Photo Filters

Apply a photo filter to the photos in your post by tapping the filters button in the lower left of a photo from either the save workout, or edit workout screens. Slide right and left through filters to choose which looks best on your photo. 

Find My friends.png

Find Your Friends. 

Find your friends by clicking on the side bar menu on the home page, then tap on social. On the social page find options for finding your friends through Facebook or contacts, or link your Instagram account to your PK page. 

Take a photo.png

Take a photo while working out. 

Tap the Camera button in the lower right corner during a workout to snap a photo of your workout scene! 

edit your profile .png

Personalize your profile.

Go to your profile page, tap on the edit profile button, then choose what you would like to add to your profile. A photo, description, and website add some personality to your profile, while changing your physical attributes will make your PK score more accurate to you. 

Challenge Progress. 

Your live workout screen will show you minutes toward your day, your saved workout tiles will show your daily progress, and you can find your weekly progress on the challenge home page.

add photo from gallery.png

Add a photo from photo gallery. 

Snap a photo before, during, or after your workout, and upload it straight from your photo gallery by tapping the image icon on the Add a photo tile of your workout. 

Need Help.png

Visit our help center for FAQ's. 

Tap the menu button in the upper right corner of your home screen. Select the Help button, and then the Help Center option in the following prompt. Browse our FAQ's, or ask more questions by clicking on contact us int he upper right corner. 

Set Preferences.

Tap on the menu button in the upper left corner. Select general in the settings menu. Then select from a variety of options your can set to your preference.