APU Fall Challenge- Week #9

Greetings APU Challengers! 

And that's it! Just like that the challenge is over. It went fast, it was fun, and we saw so many positive changes within the APU community. What an excellent 9 weeks! In total we had over 3,200 total workouts completed by 120 plus challengers, throughout the last 9 weeks! This was an average of three workouts a week for each challenger.  We are so proud of all of the hard work that each of you put into this challenge. 

The first winner of Week #9 was our final Weekly Winner, Roxanna Reinsch! Roxanna was the lucky winner of the Workout Essentials basket. Congratulations Roxanna for being chosen out of all the challengers who also completed the last week of the challenge! 

And now (drumroll please) for our Grand Prize Winners! Each week a challenger completed the challenge they were given an entry into the Grand prize drawings. Of all the entries.....

In third place, winner of the new Series 2 Apple Watch- Mika French (@mika). 

In second place, winner of 4 Disneyland tickets, and a Disney basket- Jacki Deyo (mesaydeyo)! 

Finally, in first place, and the winner of the Blue Lantern Inn @1,500 stay- Kent Walkemeyer!! Please click on this photo if you would like to know a little more about Kent, and what he does to stay in shape. 

Kent and his wife, Kim

Kent and his wife, Kim

A huge congratulations to all of our winners, and to all of our participants who put in just as much hard work. It did not go unnoticed, and we were so inspired by each of you. 

There was much more to say about APU's group than just winning prizes. Kenneth Otto was able to completely eliminate his Beta-blocker medication this fall, thanks to his hard exercising the past few years. It was incredible to track the progress he made on PK Fitness throughout the course of this exciting time. Along the way we have heard so much more encouraging news, so great work APU! 

We wrapped up the challenge with the Fit4Fall 5K. Just some of the photos posted were from @JordanAbbott, @SharronRobb, @jhughes, @marksevillano, @dzovak, and @aharo1. 

Now for a little recount of the challenge this past month! We did so much. For starters, we had fun! @ChristianBrazo, @tomhunt, @KarenSingsHi, @hollymag123, and @debdowning share their fun with us! 

We explored. @rivoz, @srichardsmayo, @BryantMathews, @gokieva, and @mm8key share their adventures with the APU community! 

We worked out crazy hard! @CoryJustus, @tonyjgessing, @kfranks, @itslucille, and @JordanAbbott shared some of the craziest workouts of the challenge! 

Most importantly, fitness brought us together! @jluthenburg, @cwickey, @healthymfb, @dpeck0404, and @DougY share their workouts with friends.  

What an amazing time it has been, working out alongside one another, and coming closer together in a community that cares more about themselves, and more about each other. What a place and community to be in. APU, you have done it once again! We hope to see you again soon. 


From all of us at PK Fitness, 

Stay fit, 


Bryan Clay, Ed Leonard, Alex Weiner, and Sydney Eaton