APU Fall Challenge- Week #4

Greetings APU Challengers,

Week #4 is now behind us, and we are well into Week #5. It’s crazy that we are almost exactly halfway through the challenge today! It’s going quickly, but we can already see the changes in many of your workouts. Hold onto the small and big changes that you are seeing in your ability, and fitness- and hold out for even larger changes coming your way that can only come by putting in that time and effort. APU has some pretty admirable workouts, especially through the busy seasons. Keep up all of that hard work!!

For those of you who have yet to start your workouts- those prizes are waiting for you! Let’s get moving!


Weekly Prize Winner- Week #4

Congratulations to Dreena Peck (@dreenapeck) for finishing the challenge this past week, and being selected from all of the rest of those who completed the challenge to win the Massage! Dreena, we hope that you use the Massage basket to get in some well needed restoration and relaxation from all of your hard work!

Dreena and her massage basket.


A week in Review

As always APU has some crazy workouts going on out there in the fitness world! We love seeing those workouts that get friends and family together- moving and happy! Support is a huge part of exercise, and the fun that APUer's are having on PK Fitness is infectious. 


This week we finally saw some of that cold Fall season weather! Not here in Cali but from a few of our friends who visited the rest of the country. @seckberg in Illinois almost at below 30 degrees (yikes!), @Hollymag321 checking in from Oklahoma with thunderstorms, and @jhughes from Colorado with some beautiful Fall colors! 

Here in Cali, we may not be able to offer Fall weather, but the sun is out, and the flowers are blooming! @Reikobrink and @EmilyBelsey share their beautiful finds. 

A great photo of @ChristianBrazo after his workout....looking a little tired there buddy, it might be time to get some quality R&R.  

Seeing the workouts that bring you all together are what excite us the most! Just a few of the many from this week include @kaylamc05, @buurt with wife @RachelJorgensen, @michelleberk with husband @pomonafarmer, and finally @Kentwalkemeyer and daughter @kaylawalkemeyer. 


Working out with your dog is just as good as working out with a friend, right?! @wendymrn and her dog's smiles sure seem to agree. 

The views are always incredible, but this week was just stunning. God is good, that's for sure. @bryantmathews, @debdowning, and @Jessicaluchtenburg thanks for sharing! 

Finally, we got a little taste of Thanksgiving for @seckberg- looks like the local Illinois turkeys are on the loose! 

Thanks for another great week of fitness APU! Let's get after the rest of Week #5, we know you have it in you. 

PK Tip: Keep your heart rate monitor as tight as is comfortable. As you workout, it's easy for the monitors to slide to areas where there is less resistance (down to your stomach from your chest, or closer to your wrist bone than from the most ideal spot a few inches up your forearm). The monitor will get the best read when it is close against your skin, and away from bony protrusions like your wrist bone. Ladies, an easy fix for chest strap heart rate monitors is tucking the monitor under the band of your sports bra, this is a good hold. Guys, just ensure each time you're putting on your monitor, that you are tightening it and getting that good fit before you start your workout!


As Always, 

Stay Fit, 

Bryan Clay