APU Fall Challenge- Week 2

Hello APU Challengers! 

What an amazing second week! Everyone is starting to get into the swing of things, and little by little it's starting to look a bit more like fall in So-Cal. As the heat wave slowly dissipates, workouts are getting just a little easier. We hope that this encourages everyone to get out there, and start getting more workouts in! 

If you haven't started the challenge yet, there is no better time to start than now. Don't forget that the challenge restarts at the beginning of each week. 


Weekly Prize Winner - Week #2 

Congratulations to David Zovak (@dzovak) for completing the second week of the challenge and being drawn from all of those who completed the challenge to win the Yoga Basket! 

Please click on the photo below to read more about David, and how he finds time to workout. 

David Zovak (@dzovak) - Weekly Winner #2 


Week #2 in Review 

What a wonderful week to be a part of the APU Fall Fitness Challenge. We saw a full spectrum of workouts this week- from some very intense workouts, to some fun activities with family and friends! We love all of the crazy things we get to see you all do weekly. Here are just a few of the highlights from week #2. 


To start off the week we had @kfranks, and @melissavogt showed off some cool city running routes! Looks like fun! 

@DougY got his kids out the door for a workout, AND they look so happy to be working out! Good work Doug. 

We also had some very beautiful views from all around the world this week! @cwickey from Big Bear, @srichardsmayo from Seattle, and @jlutchenburg from Jeju. Way to get out there and explore. 

Nature, it's a wonderful thing! You never know what you might find when you step out the door! @ebelsey and @debdowning with some great finds! 


There's nothing quite like a hike with a view. Thanks @dharmeyer for sharing with us! 

Now there are what I call bike rides! @KentWalkemeyer and @KaylaWalkemeyer, @CoryJustus, and @tomhunt had some really nice rides this week. 

Last but not least, leave it to @dpeck0404 to put a smile on your face with one of his infamous goofy selfies! Looks like a hard workout! 


Great job friends! What a fun week. Let's make week #3 even better. I know you can! 


PK tip: 

If you have an amazing workout, post a picture of it! We would love to feature you on our weekly blog, and we love seeing what all of you are up to. 


As always, 

Stay fit, 

Bryan Clay