APU Fall Challenge- Week #1

Greetings APU Challengers!

Welcome to the first weekly review of the APU Fall Fitness Challenge! We had a great first week of the challenge, with 104 participants up and running on the app! What a strong start to the challenge it was.

If you weren’t able to meet the Week #1 challenge, now’s the time for a fresh start. Don’t forget that challenge goals start over each Monday, so it’s time to get moving now!


Weekly Prize Winner- Week #1

Congratulations to Angee Haro (@aharo) for completing the first week of the APU Fall Fitness Challenge, and for being drawn from all those that completed the challenge to win this week’s Plaza Produce gift basket!

Week #1 Winner- Angee Haro (@aharo)

Week #1 Winner- Angee Haro (@aharo)


A Week in Review

What a joy to watch the APU community come alive once again on PK Fitness with new and old users, and the encouragement and support amongst APU Challengers! As you are all aware, support is an important part of regular exercise and accountability, so make sure to follow your fellow colleagues, comment, like, and encourage them in their efforts!  

It has also been so fun to see the variety of workouts posted just in this first week. Here are just a few of the workouts that we enjoyed seeing this week!


The competition is already intense out there. @JordanAbbott raising the bar with his broken weight in the weight room! He means business folks!

 We had some beautiful hikes posted by @KentWalkemeyer, @Chrisbradney, and @Bryantmathews. What an inspiration to get out and see our beautiful California!


@cindyward @christianbrazo were just a few of those who shared their cute dogs with us this week!

@debdowning shared many workouts this week from Disneyland, celebrating her and her husbands 30th wedding anniversary! Congratulations Deb, we hope you had a great time. 

@tbonemyers shared one of the more fun workouts of the week, getting out on the court! 

@buurt, and @pomonafarmer produced some very creative building workouts this week! Nice work boys! 

Finally, @jessicalutchenburg is sharing her workouts with us all the way from Jeju! What a great way for us to see other parts of the world! Thank you Jessica for sharing your very cool workouts. 

We are off to a great start! Let’s keep up the great work! I will leave you with one last word of advice for the week.


PK Tip:

Your chest strap heart rate monitor will work best with a little moisture. Provide a little wetness to the strap if you have very dry skin prior to your workout, this way your monitor will start out at optimal function.


As Always,

Stay Fit,

Bryan Clay