APU Fall Challenge- Week #9

Greetings APU Challengers! 

And that's it! Just like that the challenge is over. It went fast, it was fun, and we saw so many positive changes within the APU community. What an excellent 9 weeks! In total we had over 3,200 total workouts completed by 120 plus challengers, throughout the last 9 weeks! This was an average of three workouts a week for each challenger.  We are so proud of all of the hard work that each of you put into this challenge. 

The first winner of Week #9 was our final Weekly Winner, Roxanna Reinsch! Roxanna was the lucky winner of the Workout Essentials basket. Congratulations Roxanna for being chosen out of all the challengers who also completed the last week of the challenge! 

And now (drumroll please) for our Grand Prize Winners! Each week a challenger completed the challenge they were given an entry into the Grand prize drawings. Of all the entries.....

In third place, winner of the new Series 2 Apple Watch- Mika French (@mika). 

In second place, winner of 4 Disneyland tickets, and a Disney basket- Jacki Deyo (mesaydeyo)! 

Finally, in first place, and the winner of the Blue Lantern Inn @1,500 stay- Kent Walkemeyer!! Please click on this photo if you would like to know a little more about Kent, and what he does to stay in shape. 

Kent and his wife, Kim

Kent and his wife, Kim

A huge congratulations to all of our winners, and to all of our participants who put in just as much hard work. It did not go unnoticed, and we were so inspired by each of you. 

There was much more to say about APU's group than just winning prizes. Kenneth Otto was able to completely eliminate his Beta-blocker medication this fall, thanks to his hard exercising the past few years. It was incredible to track the progress he made on PK Fitness throughout the course of this exciting time. Along the way we have heard so much more encouraging news, so great work APU! 

We wrapped up the challenge with the Fit4Fall 5K. Just some of the photos posted were from @JordanAbbott, @SharronRobb, @jhughes, @marksevillano, @dzovak, and @aharo1. 

Now for a little recount of the challenge this past month! We did so much. For starters, we had fun! @ChristianBrazo, @tomhunt, @KarenSingsHi, @hollymag123, and @debdowning share their fun with us! 

We explored. @rivoz, @srichardsmayo, @BryantMathews, @gokieva, and @mm8key share their adventures with the APU community! 

We worked out crazy hard! @CoryJustus, @tonyjgessing, @kfranks, @itslucille, and @JordanAbbott shared some of the craziest workouts of the challenge! 

Most importantly, fitness brought us together! @jluthenburg, @cwickey, @healthymfb, @dpeck0404, and @DougY share their workouts with friends.  

What an amazing time it has been, working out alongside one another, and coming closer together in a community that cares more about themselves, and more about each other. What a place and community to be in. APU, you have done it once again! We hope to see you again soon. 


From all of us at PK Fitness, 

Stay fit, 


Bryan Clay, Ed Leonard, Alex Weiner, and Sydney Eaton 

APU Fall Challenge- Week #8

Greetings APU Challengers, 

What an amazing Week #8, and Week #9 is flying by! We are almost there, this is the end. We just want to say fantastic job to each and every one of you. Remember, this is it, this is your last chance to be entered into the drawing for all of those fantastic Grand prizes! So let's get out there, and give it our heart and soul. 

Congratulations to Jonathan Tavenner (@jtavenner) for completing the challenge in Week #8, and being selected from all of those who also completed the challenge this week, to win the Ninja Blender! We hope that you enjoy your winnings! If you would like to know a little more about Jon, click on his photo below. 

Jon and his new Blender! 

Jon and his new Blender! 

We look forward to giving out so many more prizes this next week! 


A Week in Review

What an incredible Week to be an APU Challenger! We accomplished so much this past week and I am incredibly proud of each and every one of you! As we're nearing the end of the challenge, it only seems that workouts are getting bigger and better! 


We had a lot of challengers get out there and vote this past week! What a great job representing your country! Props to @pomonafarmer, @melissavogt, @jhughes, and @ChristianBrazo- and all of the others who contributed. 

@DHarmeyer had a wonderful shoutout to his dad on Veteran's day. What a wonderful day to remember. Us at PK want to say a thank you to all of those who have served alongside Dave's dad, for our country. 

@healthymfb, and @cmcgill showing their fall festivity. What a cool festival for the pilgrims, and confused fall-decorated Christmas tree. Don't forget to get out there and appreciate the fall season before it's over! 

Some absolutely beautiful nature scenes were shared by so many of you this week. Just a few of our favorites came form @EmilyBelsey, @sarahlochelt, @jdfujimoto, and @mm8key!  

Those crazy bikers are still at it! @tomhunt and @CoryJustus at the Tour de Foothills (looks so fun!), and @jdfujimoto with a beautiful shot of her bike. 

We got some more kids out there and moving this week! We love seeing exercise bring family together. @KarenSingsHi, and @zack representing this week!

Finally, rounding out the week, we had an incredible workout from @Kfranks, hitting an effort score of 100! Great effort!!

Incredible work this week everyone. The end is so near, which also means Grand prizes are right around the corner! Let's make this last week count! 


PK Tip: If you are having troubles with your monitor, make sure your battery is charged. You may begin to start having issues with your sensor if the battery is running out of juice. If you are having connection issues with a device that has an unchargeable battery, like a chest strap, consider investing a few dollars in a new battery. If you are using a chest strap, to make sure you get the longest life out of your battery, unclip the sensor from the strap in between use. 


As Always, 

Stay fit, 


Bryan Clay 

APU Fall Challenge- Week #7

Greetings APU Challengers! 

Another amazing week in the books, as we wrap us Week #7 and dive into Week #8. It's here, the end of the challenge is right around the corner, so now is the time to get moving, and make every day count! 


Weekly Prize Winner- Week #7

Congratulations to Shauna Gilkinson (@shauna) for completing the challenge this week, and being chosen from all of the others who also completed the challenge to win the Coffee Lover's Basket! Shauna, congratulations on all of your hard work! 


A Week in Review

What an amazing week of the APU Fall Fitness Challenge! It is starting to feel a little more like fall out there, and we got a taste of that with all of your workouts this week. 

@CoryJustus shared with us a beautiful bike ride, and it appears amongst good company! We love seeing beautiful workouts shared with friends. 

We always love workouts shared with our pooches. @babygu had one for the books this past week, walking a shelter dog-so sweet! We also got to see @cwickey's cute little pup in quite the patriotic outfit.  

@cindyward and @srichardsmayo reminded us of how beautiful it can be outside if we just take the time to get out! 

@gmwood shared her Girls On The GO 10K! Looks like someone is ready for the Fit4Fall 5K! 

@pomonafarmer as always, getting in some admirable gardening! Nice work! 

So many fun workouts with kids this week! @KarenSingsHi, @Wendymrn, and @zach great work getting out there, and getting your kids moving too! 

Finally, @bryantmathews and @mm8key shared with us some absolutely stunning fall sunsets! What a beautiful time of the year to get outside.  

Amazing week, everyone! I can't wait to get into this second of the last week. This is when you can really show us what you've got! Let me leave you with a PK tip of the week! 


PK Tip: Make sure your app is updated to the latest version! We are putting out new versions all the time, sometimes multiple times a week to fix the little bugs you experience while using PK. To update your app, go to the app store, and check the updates down in the right hand corner. If anything is new for PK, it should pop up there! 


As Always, 

Stay fit, 

Bryan Clay 

APU Fall Challenge- Week #6

Hello APU Challengers! 

With Week #6 behind us, Week #7 is is upon us, and looking good! APU, you are doing an incredible job. Your hard work is admirable, and your workouts are so fun! Less than 3 weeks left to the challenge, so make sure you get your workouts in to qualify for the last three weekly baskets, and last three opportunities to be entered into the Grand Prize drawings! 


Weekly Prize Winner- Week #6

Congratulations to Adam Higginbotham (@AdamHigginbotham) for completing the challenge this week, and being chosen from all of the others who also completed the challenge to win the Nutrishop basket! 

Adam and his prize 

Adam and his prize 


A Week in Review

What an amazing week of the APU Fall Fitness Challenge! It is starting to feel a little more like fall out there, and we got a taste of that with all of your workouts this week. 


Starting us off with some Halloween festivity, we are featuring halloween photos shared by @ChristianBrazo, @SarahLochelt, and @jhughes! #scary! 

@BryantMathews, @debdowning, and @CoryJustus adding to the fall feelings, complete with fall colors and some cloudy weather! 

Workouts together really are better! @cmcgill and @dwcmcgill helping each other get it done!

Everyone got their workouts in even with the rainy weather! @KarenSingsHi and @mikev attack the rain head on! 

@itslucille take it inside for this Overhead Weight Press...with a person! 

It was Dinner Rally at APU this week! It was so cool to see @ChadLoury and @jhughes record their hard work to put that event together, come alive on the app. 

This week we got a special treat with some cool map art! @bfiala, with an unintentional chihuahua, and @tomhunt with a pretty awesome APU spelling in the middle of his workout 'Multi Tasking Run'. 

@AmandaWebbHaras shared an adorable photo of her girls in 'Kids Vs Parents Soccer Practice', reminding us workouts can also be play! 

A postcard-worthy view shared by @Chrisbradney from Coronado. Thanks for the invite! 

Finally, there were so many beautiful sunrises and sunsets, you left us no choice but to post a few! @mike, @dharmeyer, and @AmandaWebbHaras...wow! Thank you! 

Week #7 is looking great so far! Let's get out there and finish what we started! 

PK Tip: Share your map art with us, hashtag #mapart! You never know you might just get a feature in the newsletter, or even over the whole PK community! 


Stay fit, 

Bryan Clay 

APU Fall Challenge- Week #5

With Week #5 in the dust, week #6 is flying by! If you haven't started working towards the weekly goals it is time to start moving!! APU, you are doing an amazing job, and I am so proud of each and every one of you for putting your best effort out there. 


Weekly Prize Winner- Week #5

Congratulations to Paul Saville (@psaville) for finishing the challenge this past week, and for being selected from all those who also completed the challenge to win the Rodan & Fields basket. Click on the photo below to read more about Paul! 

Paul Saville with basket. 

Paul Saville with basket. 



A Week in Review  

We are loving some of the creativity and incredible adventure that we get to share alongside you in your fitness journeys! You guys are sure up to some crazy things out there. Here are just a few of our favorites. 

First off @tonygjessing, starting off the week hot with an insane 709 minute workout, and @CoryJustus with a crazy 328 minute workout! Keep an eye on these guys- they're posting some impressive cycling workouts! 

@dpeck and @dreenapeck with big smiles, live from the Alamo! 

We has some beautiful Hawaii hikes posted from our very own APU volleyball coach, Ralph Rivas (@rivoz), on his trip to Hawaii with the volleyball team. 

@jjdewitt got left by the bus, so she had to bike to work! Great way to squeeze in a workout! 

@JessicaLutchenburg from Jeju, always sharing with us beautiful foreign views as well as the occasional historical lesson on the surrounding area! Thank you Jessica! If you would like to tune in to her amazing adventures in Jeju, give her a follow. 

We had a happy as ever @pomonafarmer share the first workout we've ever seen that ended with getting your blood drawn! 

@gokieva and @Paul, @dharmeyer with cute little Hannah the dog, and @Wendymrn reminded us that you don't have to go very far to find a great workout spot. Great local locations! 

One of our favorite recent ongoing series by @christianbrazo, featuring some very scary halloween decor. 

Last but not least-what a beautiful sunrise, shared with us by @srichardsmayo.



Great work in week #5 everyone! What a fun week, now let's get moving! I will leave you with a PK tip.... 

PK Tip: In the spirit of halloween, we challenge you to get out there and explore what's in your neighborhood, or put those costumes to the test. Post your halloween festivity with your workout and hashtag: #scary with your post! Let's see who has the most spirit! 


As always, 

Stay fit, 

Bryan Clay 

APU Fall Challenge- Week #4

Greetings APU Challengers,

Week #4 is now behind us, and we are well into Week #5. It’s crazy that we are almost exactly halfway through the challenge today! It’s going quickly, but we can already see the changes in many of your workouts. Hold onto the small and big changes that you are seeing in your ability, and fitness- and hold out for even larger changes coming your way that can only come by putting in that time and effort. APU has some pretty admirable workouts, especially through the busy seasons. Keep up all of that hard work!!

For those of you who have yet to start your workouts- those prizes are waiting for you! Let’s get moving!


Weekly Prize Winner- Week #4

Congratulations to Dreena Peck (@dreenapeck) for finishing the challenge this past week, and being selected from all of the rest of those who completed the challenge to win the Massage! Dreena, we hope that you use the Massage basket to get in some well needed restoration and relaxation from all of your hard work!

Dreena and her massage basket.


A week in Review

As always APU has some crazy workouts going on out there in the fitness world! We love seeing those workouts that get friends and family together- moving and happy! Support is a huge part of exercise, and the fun that APUer's are having on PK Fitness is infectious. 


This week we finally saw some of that cold Fall season weather! Not here in Cali but from a few of our friends who visited the rest of the country. @seckberg in Illinois almost at below 30 degrees (yikes!), @Hollymag321 checking in from Oklahoma with thunderstorms, and @jhughes from Colorado with some beautiful Fall colors! 

Here in Cali, we may not be able to offer Fall weather, but the sun is out, and the flowers are blooming! @Reikobrink and @EmilyBelsey share their beautiful finds. 

A great photo of @ChristianBrazo after his workout....looking a little tired there buddy, it might be time to get some quality R&R.  

Seeing the workouts that bring you all together are what excite us the most! Just a few of the many from this week include @kaylamc05, @buurt with wife @RachelJorgensen, @michelleberk with husband @pomonafarmer, and finally @Kentwalkemeyer and daughter @kaylawalkemeyer. 


Working out with your dog is just as good as working out with a friend, right?! @wendymrn and her dog's smiles sure seem to agree. 

The views are always incredible, but this week was just stunning. God is good, that's for sure. @bryantmathews, @debdowning, and @Jessicaluchtenburg thanks for sharing! 

Finally, we got a little taste of Thanksgiving for @seckberg- looks like the local Illinois turkeys are on the loose! 

Thanks for another great week of fitness APU! Let's get after the rest of Week #5, we know you have it in you. 

PK Tip: Keep your heart rate monitor as tight as is comfortable. As you workout, it's easy for the monitors to slide to areas where there is less resistance (down to your stomach from your chest, or closer to your wrist bone than from the most ideal spot a few inches up your forearm). The monitor will get the best read when it is close against your skin, and away from bony protrusions like your wrist bone. Ladies, an easy fix for chest strap heart rate monitors is tucking the monitor under the band of your sports bra, this is a good hold. Guys, just ensure each time you're putting on your monitor, that you are tightening it and getting that good fit before you start your workout!


As Always, 

Stay Fit, 

Bryan Clay  

APU Fall Challenge- Week #3

Welcome back APU Challengers, 

With another incredible week behind us, we are working our way through Week #4. As you get in better shape as the days and weeks go on, we hope you are feeling more confident in approaching your workouts, and really getting a feel for how much more you are capable of! Show us what you got this week! It can only get bigger and better from here. 

If you haven't started your workouts yet, not to worry- it's never too late to hop on the bandwagon! Now is a perfect time to get started earning those prizes. 


Weekly Prize Winner- Week #3

Congratulations to Emily Belsey (@EmilyBelsey) on her big win in Week #3! She was drawn out of all of the challengers who completed the challenge this past week to win the Date Night Basket! Complete with dinner to the Cheesecake Factory, movie tickets, and all the needed cheat snacks!

Please click on the photo below to hear more about Emily's story! 

Week #3 Winner- Emily Belsey 

A Week in Review 

We had some very exciting workouts to look through this week, as APU challengers continued to explore new sights and new workouts! Your workouts are so inspiring, and make all of us excited to get out there and explore. Take a look at a few of our favorites from this past week! 


Starting off the week HOT, with a hot wings recipe from @nateingalls. I see a recipe theme brewing amongst Nathan's very original posts! Keep 'em coming! 

Some beautiful California sights from @KentWalkemeyer, @Emily Belsey (can you spot those deer?), and @reikobrink to name just a few. 

@debdowning, keeping it real safe with some pretty legit night gear. Take notes, kids. 

We had some great workouts by @dpeck0404, @cwickey, and @mesadeyo shared with friends. Workout buddies are a great way to stay motivated! 

Exercise comes in many shapes and sizes, @MarkSevillanoJr and son get their workouts minutes in with a dance party! 

We saw quite a few beautiful California views this week by @tmsjp, @KarenSingsHi, @srichardsmayo, and @Kfranks! 

And finally, @itslucille working out with APU's very own cheer team! Now that's a high effort workout! 

What a fantastic week it was to be a part of the challenge! We look forward to seeing all of the rest of your workouts from Week #4....let's get after it! 


PK Tip: 

To keep track of your progress for the week, check out the progress bar on the last tab or "dot" of your workout summaries. You will be able to see the days completed and minutes attributed for that day towards the challenge! 


As always, 

Stay fit, 

Bryan Clay 

APU Fall Challenge- Week 2

Hello APU Challengers! 

What an amazing second week! Everyone is starting to get into the swing of things, and little by little it's starting to look a bit more like fall in So-Cal. As the heat wave slowly dissipates, workouts are getting just a little easier. We hope that this encourages everyone to get out there, and start getting more workouts in! 

If you haven't started the challenge yet, there is no better time to start than now. Don't forget that the challenge restarts at the beginning of each week. 


Weekly Prize Winner - Week #2 

Congratulations to David Zovak (@dzovak) for completing the second week of the challenge and being drawn from all of those who completed the challenge to win the Yoga Basket! 

Please click on the photo below to read more about David, and how he finds time to workout. 

David Zovak (@dzovak) - Weekly Winner #2 


Week #2 in Review 

What a wonderful week to be a part of the APU Fall Fitness Challenge. We saw a full spectrum of workouts this week- from some very intense workouts, to some fun activities with family and friends! We love all of the crazy things we get to see you all do weekly. Here are just a few of the highlights from week #2. 


To start off the week we had @kfranks, and @melissavogt showed off some cool city running routes! Looks like fun! 

@DougY got his kids out the door for a workout, AND they look so happy to be working out! Good work Doug. 

We also had some very beautiful views from all around the world this week! @cwickey from Big Bear, @srichardsmayo from Seattle, and @jlutchenburg from Jeju. Way to get out there and explore. 

Nature, it's a wonderful thing! You never know what you might find when you step out the door! @ebelsey and @debdowning with some great finds! 


There's nothing quite like a hike with a view. Thanks @dharmeyer for sharing with us! 

Now there are what I call bike rides! @KentWalkemeyer and @KaylaWalkemeyer, @CoryJustus, and @tomhunt had some really nice rides this week. 

Last but not least, leave it to @dpeck0404 to put a smile on your face with one of his infamous goofy selfies! Looks like a hard workout! 


Great job friends! What a fun week. Let's make week #3 even better. I know you can! 


PK tip: 

If you have an amazing workout, post a picture of it! We would love to feature you on our weekly blog, and we love seeing what all of you are up to. 


As always, 

Stay fit, 

Bryan Clay 

APU Fall Challenge- Week #1

Greetings APU Challengers!

Welcome to the first weekly review of the APU Fall Fitness Challenge! We had a great first week of the challenge, with 104 participants up and running on the app! What a strong start to the challenge it was.

If you weren’t able to meet the Week #1 challenge, now’s the time for a fresh start. Don’t forget that challenge goals start over each Monday, so it’s time to get moving now!


Weekly Prize Winner- Week #1

Congratulations to Angee Haro (@aharo) for completing the first week of the APU Fall Fitness Challenge, and for being drawn from all those that completed the challenge to win this week’s Plaza Produce gift basket!

Week #1 Winner- Angee Haro (@aharo)

Week #1 Winner- Angee Haro (@aharo)


A Week in Review

What a joy to watch the APU community come alive once again on PK Fitness with new and old users, and the encouragement and support amongst APU Challengers! As you are all aware, support is an important part of regular exercise and accountability, so make sure to follow your fellow colleagues, comment, like, and encourage them in their efforts!  

It has also been so fun to see the variety of workouts posted just in this first week. Here are just a few of the workouts that we enjoyed seeing this week!


The competition is already intense out there. @JordanAbbott raising the bar with his broken weight in the weight room! He means business folks!

 We had some beautiful hikes posted by @KentWalkemeyer, @Chrisbradney, and @Bryantmathews. What an inspiration to get out and see our beautiful California!


@cindyward @christianbrazo were just a few of those who shared their cute dogs with us this week!

@debdowning shared many workouts this week from Disneyland, celebrating her and her husbands 30th wedding anniversary! Congratulations Deb, we hope you had a great time. 

@tbonemyers shared one of the more fun workouts of the week, getting out on the court! 

@buurt, and @pomonafarmer produced some very creative building workouts this week! Nice work boys! 

Finally, @jessicalutchenburg is sharing her workouts with us all the way from Jeju! What a great way for us to see other parts of the world! Thank you Jessica for sharing your very cool workouts. 

We are off to a great start! Let’s keep up the great work! I will leave you with one last word of advice for the week.


PK Tip:

Your chest strap heart rate monitor will work best with a little moisture. Provide a little wetness to the strap if you have very dry skin prior to your workout, this way your monitor will start out at optimal function.


As Always,

Stay Fit,

Bryan Clay