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PK Fitness is a social fitness app that tracks your personalized effort in real-time as you workout. With PK Fitness, it's not about "how far" or "how fast" but rather how hard you workout. Compete in challenges, compare your workouts, and share your high scores with friends and family. Maximize what you get out of each workout and see results faster while being rewarded for the effort you put in.

What makes PK Fitness Unique?

We’re the only app on the market that measures effort in real-time during workouts for any fitness level and any activity type. Meaning no matter what you do or how you do it, PK Fitness will track your effort continuously and accurately.  

Best of all, the effort score you see during workouts is personalized to you, learning with each workout you complete and guaranteeing accurate data even as you grow fitter, faster, and stronger.

Why you need PK Fitness

Achieve your fitness goals faster and easier by tracking your effort during workouts. With PK Fitness, it’s not about how far or how fast, but rather how hard you work.

Real-time effort tracking provides you with the insight necessary to make mid-workout modifications, maximize your training, fast-track your results, and keep yourself accountable.

Basic Highlights

  • effort based workout tracker (in real-time!)
  • effort is personalized to you & learns with each workout you do
  • track insights like pace, distance, and calorie burn in real-time
  • review post-workout insights with our interactive map & graph review + effort zones
  • compare with friends using Workout Comparison
  • create friendly competition with daily leaderboards
  • earn badges and nudge friends who haven't done a workout in a while
  • join groups and challenges to keep yourself accountable
  • culture accountability with weekly streaks
  • create community with our social platform by posting workouts, statuses, and photos to the feed
  • share your workouts and photos with fun filters and overlays
  • social media sharing also available
  • compatible with any open-source bluetooth HRM and/or Apple Watch

Our Story

PK Fitness was founded in 2014 by technology executive, Ed Leonard, and Olympic gold medalist, Bryan Clay. Together the pair was frustrated with the fitness industry and the metrics used to define success. Clay's entire life was based around numbers - how fast can you run, how far can you throw - but never was he rewarded based on the effort he put in. This was validated every time he went on a run with his wife and realized they could never compete on the same level. He would either maintain her speed and not get a good workout in, or she would kill herself in an attempt to keep up with him. 

Metrics used in the fitness industry can be quite harmful to the mentality of people just starting on their fitness journey. Leonard and Clay realized that the only constant metric, and certainly the only one that matters to novice athletes, was effort. Together, the pair worked to develop a proprietary algorithm that measures each individual's effort as they workout in real-time. And the rest is history!


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Madison Leonard   Head of Marketing & User Engagement  ᐧ

P.S. Please note that PK Fitness must be used with a heart rate monitor in order to receive effort. If you do not wish to receive your effort during workouts, the app also provides effortless workout tracking and manual logging.