Fresh Start Challenge- Week #4

Greetings Fresh Start Challengers! 

Week #4 of the challenge is already over! It's crazy to think that we are already past the half way point of this challenge. If you are sticking with us, congrats! You are turning those New Years Resolutions into habits with each and every workout you post. And that is awesome!!

142 participants are live in the challenge- and we are seeing some really fun stuff. Keep up the great work everyone- we love seeing what you're up to!

Week #5 is here, and each week presents a new challenge, and a new opportunity for success. So let's get going! 

Weekly Prize Winner- Week #4

Congratulations to Michael Brown (@bigsky) for completing the fourth week of the 2017 Fresh Start Challenge, and for being drawn from all those that completed the challenge to win this weeks prize!




Week #4- In Review

Week #4 was great! We're seeing lots of sun out there in the app! As for here in So-cal, looks like it's about time to crack out the sun tan lotion again! It was encouraging to get a view of people's everyday workouts and adventures this past week. 

 Lot's of great walks in the great outdoors! Just a few of our favorites were @jcorpdc, @wendymrn, @ChristianBrazo, @katrinamcgrouther, @billy, @wolfbuehler, @kimberlyfossheineman, @Christine, and @debdowning. 

@Shahrokh, and @Chrisroo shared their happy dogs with us! Woking out with dogs can be great, if you need some inspiration just take your dog out for something fun to do! 

@sclay and @pvaldivia getting out for some nice runs. And @Dan getting in a good workout inside at the Village Fitness gym! 

Amazing job in Week #4 everybody. Let's make Week #5 even better than last week! 


PK Tip: Finish your workouts with a healthy snack. Ideally 4:1- carbs to protein (like an apple and peanut butter). A big part of making gains, is making sure your body has what it needs for recovery. 


As always, 

Stay fit, 

Bryan Clay