Fresh Start Challenge- Week #3

Greetings Fresh Start Challengers! 

Week #3 of the challenge flew by! We now have 136 participants in the challenge- posting amazing workouts daily! Great work everyone, your hard work inspires me to stay active. 

Week #4 is well underway, so let's get after it! We are almost halfway through the challenge, so now's the time we really have to start working to keep up all of the hard work! 

Weekly Prize Winner- Week #3

Congratulations to Gidget Wood (@gmwood) for completing the third week of the 2017 Fresh Start Challenge, and for being drawn from all those that completed the challenge to win this weeks prize!

Gidget Wood 

Gidget Wood 

Challenge Week #4- in Review

Below are just a few of the fun workouts shared in the community this week. The Fresh Start Challenge has been filled with vibrant and adventurous workouts- as well as some serious hard work! Be encouraged by your fellow community, that's what they're here for!! 

We had some lovely bike rides shared from @tomhunt, @buurt, and @RachelJorgensen and @jcorpdc. 

Some intense workouts from @itslucile, @hanahfowble, @Chrstine, and @rivoz. 

We also had some incredible hikes posted by @dlwood, @beccamorcos, and  @Christine. 

Finally, some nice walks shared by @cmcgill, @ChrsitianBrazo, @pomonafarmer, and @tabvdveen. 

Great work in Week #3 everyone- let's make Week #4 one for the books! 


PK Tip: Use the buddy system- find a friend that you can do a workout with this week. Go for a walk, bike ride, run, or do a circuit at the gym! Somedays you just don't want to do it alone. 


As always, 

Stay fit, 

Bryan Clay