Fresh Start Challenge- Week #2

Hello Fresh Start Challengers! 

What a great week of the challenge! And our fun is only growing- we now have 136 participants in the challenge. It seems like everyone really got into the swing of things in Week #2- we had way too many fun posts to share them all, and some of you are already done with Week #3 workouts! 

For those of you who are just joining us, welcome to the challenge, we are so happy you joined. Don't forget, with Week #3 comes a brand new chance to get entered into the drawing! We still have 4 days left this week- more than enough to get your workouts in. 

Weekly Prize Winner- Week #2

Congratulations to Jon Tavenner (@jtavenner) for completing the second week of the 2017 Fresh Start Challenge, and for being drawn from all those that completed the challenge to win this weeks prize!

@jtavenner, wife @satavenner, and kids! 

@jtavenner, wife @satavenner, and kids! 

Challenge Week #2- in Review

How fun it was to see the creative and inspiring workouts posted within the Fresh Start Challenge group! It's encouraging to watch fellow challengers having so much fun in their workouts, and inspiring to work alongside the dedication that you all put in day after day. I am inspired daily by each of your workouts. 

@wolfbuehler and @kaylamc05 added a whole new level of workouts this week to the challenge- races!! 

We had a lot of indoor workouts down in So-cal due to the rain wonderfully depicted by @pomonafarmers workout 'Buckets of Rain'. @itslucille, @kimberlyfossheinemann, @monamikhail23, and jcorpdc share their indoor workouts! 

There were also some exciting hikes and bikes shared this week! A few of our favorites were posted by mtbdean, @JessicaLuchtenburg, @tomhunt, pvaldivia, and @Christine. 

Great week #2!! Let's make Week #3 even better! 


PK Tip:

Create a consistent schedule for yourself so that you know exactly when you're working out and what you're going to do. If you have a plan you're more likely to get that workout in. 



As Always... Stay Fit,

Bryan Clay