APU Summertime Fitness Challenge- Week #5

Greetings APU Challengers!

The end is in sight! We are less than three weeks away from finishing out the challenge. Week #5 was so much fun to watch! The energy that APU continues to bring week after week is incredible.

If you were one of the many who completed the challenge this week, congratulations on reaching those weekly goals! Now let’s focus on finishing out Week #6 strong. If you didn’t complete Week #5, don’t worry- you have an equal chance of winning this next week.

Weekly Prize Winner - Week #5

Congratulations to Megan Copsey (@mcopsey) for completing the fifth week of the APU Summertime Challenge and for being drawn from all those that completed the challenge to win this week's Oakley Swag Bag!


Week #5 Winner- Megan Copsey (@mcopsey)

A Week in Review

What a great week to watch all of your new workouts posted, bursting with fresh motivation and determination! It seems this week there was an adventure bug that infected quite a few of you- as the PK Fitness community got to experience a variety of new heights, views, and locations, thanks to you!  Here are just a few of the workouts we had fun looking at this week.


@cindyward and @EmilyBelsey reminded us with their gorgeous views that the early bird really does get the worm.

@Jimnasipak, @dougfields, @chellebelle, and @stephfitch proved that workouts together, really are better with these fun photos!

Some amazing walks in beautiful destination spots were posted be @pomonafarmer, @Marksevillanojr, and @oerhart. They don't let vacation get in the way of their fitness progress! 

We got to see some inspiring road workouts this week, posted by @abarton and @CoryJustus.

@ekemp got her workout hours in by playing soccer with some middle schoolers, sounds crazy!

Finally just a few of the beautiful views posted this week, from @dpeck0404, @kwalkemeyer, and @vfrench.

What a great Week #5. Thanks to each of you for continuing to stay motivated and for motivating others! Let’s make these last three weeks really count! We love hearing about the results that are being seen, and three weeks are more than enough time to see even more! Let’s get out there and tackle Week #6 with all of our might!

PK Tip:

Click on your map or on your effort data on a workout that is already posted. The zoom feature will have this data pop up in a larger screen. For the zoomed map you are able to watch the workout progress through space, and you can also scroll through the map at the bottom feature to see your effort throughout space. For the zoomed effort graph you can scroll through the workout to see your effort at a given time during the workout.


As always,

Stay fit,

Bryan Clay