APU Summertime Fitness Challenge- Week #1

Greetings APU Challengers!

Welcome to the first of series of periodic emails that I will be sending out over the course of the next 7 weeks of the challenge. That’s right, only 7 weeks left of the 8-week challenge!!

We had a great first week of the APU Summertime Challenge as more than 125 APUers committed to the challenge! The week was filled with getting sensors, setting up accounts and figuring out how to use PK Fitness. Even with the chaos of the first week, we had about 100 of the 125 people participate in the first week challenge!

 If you were one of the 100, congratulations on a great start! Now it’s time to stay strong and “go hard” again this week, week 2 of 8.  

 If you weren’t able to meet the week #1 challenge, now’s the time for a fresh start for week #2! Remember that the challenge goals start fresh every Monday so it’s time to get moving now!

Weekly Prize Winner - Week #1

Congratulations to Michelle Cross (@chellebelle) for meeting the first week APU Summertime Challenge and for being drawn from all those that completed the challenge to win this week's Asics gift basket!

Week #1 Winner - Michelle Cross (@chellebelle)

A Week in Review

It’s been great to see the APU community come alive on PK Fitness with lots of interaction, encouragement and support across the challenge participants. As you all know, support is such an important part of achieving any goal you have, in your workouts, in your faith and in your life. So make sure to follow others in the challenge and like, comment and otherwise encourage your fellow challengers!  It’s also been super fun to see the variety of workouts that everyone has done in the first week of the challenge. Here’s just sample of some of the activity that we’ve seen. 


 @debdowning showed us that running shoes are optional with her “Wrong Socks=Big Blister…” workout as she finished her 5k in her flips flops!

@fitnessgirl and @jimnasipak reminded us of the blessing of Southern California with their workouts “Walk on the Beach” and “Run, Beach, and the Word a Great Sunday”.

@fatguyinalittlecoat, @nateingalls and @marksevillanojr reminded us that workouts can happen just about anywhere with their workouts “Mexico Prayer Walk”, “Searching for Coffee @ 8,000ft” and “Walking around California Adventure”. 

@kwiedefeld reminded us that workouts can take many form with her workouts “Car Wash + Jumping Jacks” and “Family Dance Party”. Way to go @ kwiedefeld!


We’ve had lots of workouts from the Student Life Women’s Walking Club. Way to go ladies! 

Finally, PK user @dpeck0404 gave us a great shot of Glendora’s own peacock family and a pretty goofy selfie in his workouts “Short Run” and “APU Summer Fitness 1, Serious Fun!” workouts.

We’re off to a great start and I look forward to seeing everyone’s progress this week! Let me leave you with this PK Fitness tip!

PK Tip:

Remember that only minutes above an effort of 50 are credited against your 25-minute workout goal! If your workout falls short of the 25 minutes above 50, simply do another workout for the missing minutes. Workout minutes accumulate for the day so there’s always time to get your daily workout goal met before the strike of midnight! If you miss your daily goal of 25 minutes, the time resets the following day.

Stay fit,

Bryan Clay