Nutrishop Joins the Challenge

Hello APU Summertime Fitness Challenge Participants,

We are excited to introduce the InBody Analysis machine as a resource that Nutrishop of Glendora has generously opened up to the participants of the challenge! The InBody Analysis is not required, but solely for participants’ benefit!

The machine is calibrated with scientific weights, and measures body fat %, body fat in pounds, muscle mass in pounds, lean body mass, water weight, and basal metabolic rate among other details. These readings will provide so much tangibility to your fitness journey, and will help track how hard you need to be working to reach specific muscular gain and fat loss goals, as well as so many other features.

For more information see below to see an example of what you will receive if you choose to use this resource as a tracker for your progress. We encourage any faculty that are in the area, to head in to the Nutrishop of Glendora to get an initial reading at your convenience, and check in at the end of summer to see progress. This is an incredible opportunity to get specific data on your body and your progress, don't miss out! 

Hope to see you there,

Sydney Eaton

PK Fitness Program Coordinator