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Legacies Alive’s Epic Challenge!

We love a good challenge!

We love challenges at PK Fitness! So we are most excited to share the newest Legacies Alive challenge- the Cycle to Celebrate challenge. Legacies Alive is a nonprofit organization founded by combat veterans to strengthen and support families of fallen heroes. Their mission is to bring national awareness to Gold Star Families- families who have lost a loved one in service to our country.

Earlier this year, two Gold Star parents set out on an epic 3,700+ mile ride across the United States. Their hope was to raise awareness and support for Gold Star families. Now, after several months of riding, they are now 10 days away from their final destination, the World Trade Center in New York City.

Kaye Jordan and Mike Perich launching into the day's cycling Kaye Jordan and Mike Perich launching into the day’s cycling

Cycle to Celebrate

Kaye Jordan and Mike Perich, both Gold Star parents, began the Cycle to Celebrate challenge in San Diego back in June of this year. Three months and over 3,000 miles later, they are entering the final days of their journey.

An important part of the ride is connecting with other Gold Star families along the way. And taking advantage of the opportunity to provide support, share stories, and keep the memory of their loved ones alive. With PK Fitness, supporters have the ability to interact directly with Mike and Kaye. This is an excellent opportunity to provide much needed emotional support for the team.

What’s a Gold Star Family?

Gold Star Families are families who have lost a loved one in military service. The Gold Star first made an appearance during World War I after being placed over a service flag’s blue star when a service member was killed in combat. The Gold Star signified the family’s pride in the loved one’s sacrifice rather than the mourning of their personal loss.

Legacies Alive’s mission is to provide unwavering support to Gold Star families by ensuring the legacies of our Fallen Heroes are forever alive.

Mike Perich

We need your help!

We are honored to partner with Legacies Alive, and thrilled they have chosen PK Fitness as the official app for the Cycle to Celebrate challenge.

Kaye and Mike track their daily rides on PK Fitness. This includes sharing comments, photos and insights from their journey. We need your help in spreading the word and sharing some love.

Here are some ways you can support the cause:

1.     Join the Legacies Alive Group on PK Fitness.

2.     Follow Mike and Kaye on PK Fitness.

3.     Share the love by liking and commenting on their workouts!

Visit LegaciesAlive.com for more information on their organization.

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