How the Challenge Works


#1) Log your workout on PK Fitness. 

Using the PK Fitness app, and your heart rate monitor, log any activity that gets you moving. Because PK Fitness is personalized to your body, and no one else's, it doesn't matter how fit you are. 

How fast are you? How much can you lift? How far did you go? 

None of that matters... in PK Fitness it's all about how hard you work... EFFORT!


#2) Meet challenge goals and receive credit. 

Challenge goals: 

  • Within the week: 
    • Beginning each Monday morning at 12AM, and ends the following Sunday at 11:59PM. 
    • Complete minimum number of days that count for challenge credit. 
  • Within the day:
    • The minimum challenge requirements for each day must be achieved between 12AM, and 11:59 PM of the same day.
    • Only minutes spent above the minimum effort will count for challenge credit. 
    • If you can't meet the challenge goal in one workout - don't worry! You can log multiple workouts throughout the day and still achieve challenge credit. 

#3) Secure entry into weekly and grand prize drawing.

Weekly Prizes: 

  • You must accomplish the weekly challenge goals to be eligible for weekly prize drawing.

Grand Prizes:

  • With the successful completion of each week, you will receive an entry into the Grand Prize drawing!
  • Missed a workout? That's okay, the challenge starts fresh each week, you won't be penalized for the next week of the challenge. Hop right back in, and meet challenge goals the next week.