Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s a PK Score?

  • A PK Score is a score you receive at the end of your workout. You can watch your PK Score change in real time at the bottom of your live workout screen. (Note: you will only receive your effort and pk score if you wear a heart rate monitor. To purchase a monitor, click here)
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How do I connect a heart rate monitor?

  • Navigate to the menu, tap “sensors” and select the sensor you would like to connect. The app will also prompt you to connect a sensor before starting your workout.

Do I need a heart rate monitor to do a workout on the app?

  • No, heart rate sensors are not mandatory for workouts in the app. You can manually log workouts by clicking “Log Workout” in the menu. You can also complete a workout in real-time without a sensor by clicking “Start” in the middle circle on the workout screen and select the no sensor option.
  • Instead of receiving a PK Score, your workout will look something like this:no effort workout pk fitness

What heart rate monitors are compatible with the app?

  • PK is compatible with any open source bluetooth heart rate monitor, including brands like Mio, Polar, Wahoo, TICKR, Scosche, LifeBEAM, etc. You can also purchase a PK Fitness sensor here for half the price.
  • The Apple Watch is also compatible with PK Fitness.
  • NOTE: FitBit devices are a closed source bluetooth sensor and therefore cannot be used in PK Fitness for real-time workouts.

Does PK Fitness work with Apple’s Health?

  • Yes, PK Fitness is compatible with the Health app on all iOS devices. In fact, authorizing the app to read data from Health is highly recommended for a better PK experience.
  • NOTE: Apple Watch workouts will not work without access to Health (will get stuck on “reading heart rate” and never start the workout).

Why are my Apple Watch workouts showing no effort after saving?

  • When using an Apple Watch as a heart rate sensor, PK Fitness must have been given permissions to communicate with the Health app. Click here for instructions on how to authorize Health.

Can I use FitBit as a heart rate monitor in PK Fitness?

  • No, FitBit devices are not compatible with any other app except FitBit. FitBit devices are closed source bluetooth monitors that only work with the FitBit app. “If you need immediate, real time data, we understand that this means a FitBit device may not be suited for your use case today.” -FitBit developer forum.
  • However, PK Fitness is working on adding a feature that let’s you import your FitBit workout to review your effort post-workout.

Does my phone need to be with me to track a workout?

  • It depends. If you’re using a bluetooth monitor (Mio, PK Fitness, Scosche, Polar, Wahoo, etc.) then yes, you’re phone must be within 30 feet so the sensor can relay your data in real-time. However, you can use an Apple Watch to track a workout without your phone nearby. Just make sure to turn on bluetooth on your phone once you’ve completed the workout so it can upload to the app (workouts done on Apple Watch will not upload if you don’t transfer the data using bluetooth).

Why is my distance and map not showing after doing a workout?

  • PK Fitness requires location services to be enables in order to calculate distance and record your location for the map. If you do not turn location services on for the app, you will not receive distance, pace, or a map for your workouts.
  • To enable location services, go to the Settings app on your phone, click privacy, click location services (make sure location services is turned on and the button is green), click PK Fitness, and select “While Using the App”.

How do I hide my location on a workout?

  • There are three ways you can hide your location.
Individual tiles – hide your map without making your entire workout private.

Entire workout – edit privacy for your entire workout.

Hidden Locations – auto hide specific locations, like home or work, without needing to edit each workout.

What is a workout comparison?

  • Workout comparisons happen when you workout with a partner or multiple partners in the same location. The grouping is automatic and no hassle, so you don’t have to manually tag people who worked out with you. Workout comparisons are a great way to compare workouts using effort.

Will PK Fitness share my personal information?

  • No. PK Fitness values your privacy and does not share, rent, or sell personal information to third parties. Also, your detailed personal information such as sex age, weight, etc. are never displayed or visible to other users. For more information, please visit our privacy policy here.

Why do I need to enter personal information before doing a workout?

  • PK Fitness’ real-time effort display cannot accurately determine your effort without things such as sex, age, weight and height. This information is completely private and no one can see this information besides yourself.

How do I change my personal settings and preferences?

  • To change your personal settings, tap on the menu in the upper left corner of the workout page or profile page. The menu contains things like logging manual workouts, general settings, and sensor connection.

How do I view or change my personal information?

  • You can view and edit your personal information by clicking “edit profile” on your profile page. We recommend keeping this information updated to ensure an accurate effort reading.

How does effort tracking work and how do you determine effort?

  • If you wear a heart rate monitor during your workout, you will receive real-time effort data telling you how hard you’re working during exercise. Our proprietary  effort model (aka secret effort recipe) is personalized to you, which is why we require things like height, weight, age, etc.

What do I do if I suspect my effort is wrong?

  • Contact us by emailing and we’ll evaluate your profile immediately.

What is a PK Place?

  • A PK Place is a verified workout facility, such as a gym or outdoor bootcamp. Verified locations have a page in the app with information, leaderboards, and more. If you’d like to become a verified PK Place, contact us at

What is a live PK Place display?

  • Select PK Places offer a live display of effort for group workouts. The live display is great for class instructors leading group workouts and trainers with multiple clients at once because it shows your clients’ real-time effort on one screen. With everyone’s effort in one location, it’s easy to see who’s slacking and reward those who are working harder as well as making mid-workout modifications to achieve the desired effort for the workout. If you’re interested in getting live display for your gym, class, or group contact

What is a PK Group?

  • PK Groups are a place that people with similar interests can come together and discuss, share, and workout with each other. Plan workouts, ask questions, and more within your supportive circle. To create a group, contact

What is a PK Challenge?

  • PK Challenges are a fun and exciting way to compete within groups, businesses, and friends. Check out more information here.