Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What is a PK Score?

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How do I connect a heart rate monitor?

There are 3 easy steps to connecting a monitor:

1. Navigate to the app menu

2. Tap the "Sensors" button

3. Select the sensor you would like to connect to

Do I need the Apple Watch to use PK Fitness?   

No, PK Fitness is compatible with many Bluetooth heart rate devices.

Which heart rate sensors are compatible with PK Fitness?

While any open Bluetooth monitor should work with PK Fitness, these high quality sensors listed below have performed well for with our app. Links to purchase these sensors can be found on our website under "Shop Sensors".

Wrist Band/Watch: Mio Link, Mio VELO, Mio Fuse, Mio Alpha2* (

Chest Strap: Wahoo: TICKR chest strap (

Armband: Scosche Rhythm+ (

Hat: LifeBEAM Smart Visor (

Bike Helmet: LifeBEAM Smart Helmet (

* The Mio Alpha 2 is a Bluetooth only device and while it will work well for individual workouts, it does not work with our group fitness solution, PK Places. If you plan to use PK Fitness at a PK Place, the heart rate sensor must also support the ANT+ protocol. All the devices listed above except the Alpha 2 support both Bluetooth and ANT+. 

Does PK Fitness work with Apple's Health?

Yes. PK Fitness will require you to authorize access to Health. Once authorized, PK Fitness will read data from Health.

IMPORTANT: The Apple Watch app will not work without access to Health (will get stuck on "Reading Heart Rate" and never start). 

Why are my Apple Watch workouts showing no effort after saving? 

When using an Apple Watch as a heart rate sensor, PK Fitness must have been given permissions to read & write to the Apple Health app. Go to the Health app on your phone, select "Sources" and find the PK Fitness icon, select it and verify that PK Fitness has access to read & write to Health. 

Does PK Fitness work with a Fitbit device?

FitBit heart rate devices are not compatible with PK Fitness. This is a limitation imposed by FitBit since they would prefer everyone use their App. Here is a quote from their developer forum.

"If you need immediate, real time data, we understand that this means a Fitbit device may not be suited for your use case today."

It is possible to sync your non-realtime Fitbit data to Health using a 3rd party solution such as Sync Solver ( Once in Health, PK Fitness is able to read this data. 

Does my phone need to be with me to record a workout?

Yes, outside of PK Place group displays. Your phone must remain in Bluetooth range of your heart rate monitor during the entire workout to accurately capture effort for your workout. Range of Bluetooth can vary but is generally between 10-30 feet. 

In PK Places that support group displays, it is not necessary to have your phone near you during a workout provided you are connected to the WiFi of the PK Place. 

Why is distance and map not showing after doing a workout? 

PK Fitness requires location services to be enabled in order to calculate distance and to record the location and path (if applicable) of a workout. To enable location services in PK Fitness, go to Settings on your phone, find the PK Fitness icon, select it and verify that "Location" is set to "While Using". 

Tip: Users can hide or show their location map when saving each workout. We recommend enabling location services for PK and hiding the maps when necessary. Using this approach give you the ability to enable the map for viewing later if desired. 

Will PK Fitness share my personal info?

PK Fitness values your privacy and does not share, rent or sell personal information to third parties. Also, your detailed personal information such as sex, age, weight and height are never displayed or visible to other users.  

Please see for more information.

Why do I need to enter personal info?

PK Fitness displays real-time effort during workouts. In order to accurately determine effort, PK Fitness uses things such as sex, age, weight and height. This information is only visible to the individual user.

Do I have to use my real name as my Display Name?

We encourage users to use their real name as their Display Name although this is not enforced by the App.

Do I have to use a real photo of me as my Profile Picture?

We encourage users to load an image for their profile picture although this does not have to be a real photo of the user although it must comply with our Terms of Use.  Please see for more information.

How do I change my personal settings and preferences?

To change your personal settings, tap on menu icon in upper left corner of the app, tap profile.

How do I view or change the parameters that affect my effort model?

The effort model uses a variety of input to tune your effort model to your body. Making sure your sex, age, weight and height are accurate will help ensure your effort is accurate. Beyond these parameters, the effort model learns from each of your workouts and gets smarter about your capabilities the more you use it. 

What do I do if I suspect my effort model does not seem accurate?

Email us at 

What is a PK Place?

A PK Place is a workout facility that is registered with PK Fitness. Registering as a PK Place allows workouts done in that location to show the PK Place association. PK Places also have a dedicated page in the PK Fitness app to showcase their facility. For more information on registering your facility as a PK Place, contact us at 

What is a PK Place group display?

PK Fitness supports the ability to display users workouts in real-time in group settings at enabled PK Places. For more information about our group display solution, contact us at 

What is a PK Challenge

A PK Challenge is a fun and exciting way to compete within groups to meet pre-defined workout goals. A PK Challenge is a predefined workout program that runs over a fixed number of weeks. Each week participants are challenged to meet the minimum number of workouts, minutes in each workout and minimum effort of each workout minute. Meeting the daily, week and challenge goals are shown in progress screen on individual workouts as well as the PK Challenge summary page for that challenge.