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  • Tell us about your challenge

  • Note: Do not include the word "challenge" in your title as we will automatically add it to the end.
  • This description will appear on your challenge page in the app.
  • Private Challenge participants can only join the challenge through in-app invitation. Public challenges can be joined in-app by anyone.
  • This will appear on the website and on the challenge homepage in-app.
  • Please enter the PK USERNAMES of the people you'd like to be admins and have full control over the challenges. Note: a person's username has the "@" symbol before it in the app.
  • Set up your challenge requirements

  • Please select the MONDAY you would like your challenge to start on.
  • Please select the SUNDAY you would like your challenge to end on.
  • Please note the minimum effort requirement is not the same as a PK Score. Only minutes spent at or above the minimum effort will be counted toward the daily goal. Effort levels below the minimum will not be counted toward the challenge. (40 = light walk, 50 = fast walk, 60 = easy jog, 70 = moderate run, 80 = high intensity) ~ Effort can only be calculated with a heart rate monitor ~ NOTE: enter no minimum effort for time tracking challenges.
    Note: Challengers who complete the challenge requirements for the week are entered into a drawing to win the weekly prize. Challengers who complete all the weeks for the challenge are entered into a drawing for the grand prize.
  • Fill out your contact info

  • Please enter the phone number you'd be comfortable providing to challengers (optional).
  • Please enter the website you'd like on your challenge page in-app.