PK Fitness - Custom Challenge Setup


Custom PK Challenge: Ready, set, let's go!

Setting up a challenge is easy. Just fill in the fields below and you'll be off and running in no time!

Challenge Definition
Name of your challenge. NOTE: Please don't use the word "challenge" in your name.
This is the description that PK users will see on your challenge page.
Start Date (All challenges start on Mondays) *
Start Date (All challenges start on Mondays)
Enter the Monday you would like your challenge to start.
Challenge Requirements
This defines the number of weeks in your challenge.
The number of days per week in the challenge.
The number of workout minutes required for each workout day in the challenge.
Please note the minimum effort requirement is not the same as a PK Score. Only minutes spent at or above the minimum effort will be counted toward the daily goal. Effort levels below the minimum will not be counted toward the challenge. ~ Effort can only be calculated with a heart rate monitor ~
Challenge Details
Enter the PK usernames of the users you would like to be administrators of your challenge. Administrators can invite, add, and remove users, as well as fix problems with workouts in the challenge.
Challenge Prizes
Award Weekly Prize *
Would you like to award a weekly prize to a randomly selected challenger that completes the challenge each week (highly recommended!)?
Enter the description of the weekly prize. Your challengers will see this description in the challenge emails sent for PK Fitness. (e.g. "Win Dinner & Movie Passes for 2")
Grand Prize(s) *
Would you like to award one or more grand prizes to a randomly selected challenger? Each user is entered into the drawing pool for the grand prize for each week they meet the challenge goals.
Enter the description of the grand prize(s). Your challengers will see this description in challenge emails sent from PK Fitness.
Additional Info?
An icon on your challenge page will direct participants to this link. ~Leave blank if you don't have a webpage~
If text/ call works better for you, please enter the number you wish your participants to contact you with. ~Please mention if texting is okay~
Please enter anything else we should know about your challenge or any other special requirements and/or questions you have.