APU Summertime Challenge-Week #6

Hello APU Challengers!

Hello APU Challengers!

It is so crazy that we have less than two weeks left until the challenge is over! You are all so close to completing a fun, healthy, and hard-working summer. Week #6 was empowering to watch!! I am further convinced that APU is an incredibly strong and relentless community!

We had 60 of the participants complete the challenge this past week! Great work to each of you who completed the challenge! If you were one of the 60, congratulations on reaching those weekly goals! If you didn’t complete Week #6, it’s never too late to pick yourself up and try again. Let’s finish up Week #7 with even more strength and determination!

Weekly Prize Winner - Week #5

Congratulations to Nathan Ingalls (@nateingalls) for completing the sixth week of the APU Summertime Challenge and for being drawn from all those that completed the challenge to win this week's Massage Envy Basket!

Week #6 Winner- Nathan Ingalls (@nateingalls)

A Week in Review

What a great week to see what all of you are up to out in the world! It’s fun to see the colorful and adventurous workouts posted from each of you weekly! We captured just a few of our favorites from this past week.

@Kcross and @jgrey2003 showed off their fun family workouts!

@rfrancis03 and @dpeck0404 reported in with workouts from jaw dropping locations!

@stephfitch and @marksevillanojr get the award for the most creative workouts this week.

Just a few of the hardcore workouts that were posted this week came from @Cindyward with her long and intense run, @mmikhail with that very full blackboard, and @seckberg with some intimidating looking equipment.

@christianbrazo, and @amandaWebbHaras had some very cute skaters accompany them on their workouts!

Week #6 was so great! Thank you to each of you for staying strong and finding creative ways to get in your workouts as the summer is getting hotter, and shorter. Lets make these last two weeks something to be proud of! Let’s get after Week #7!!


PK Tip:

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Stay fit,

Bryan Clay