APU Summertime Challenge- Week #7

Welcome APU Challengers!

Welcome APU Challengers!

Happy Week #8 to you all! It looks like this week is off to a fantastic start! The end is in sight, only a few more days until you can officially say you completed the APU Summertime Challenge! You have all proven yourselves to be more motivated and determined than we could have ever imagined, and I know you are more than capable of finishing this challenge strong!

Incredible work to each of you who completed the challenge! If you were one of those who did complete the challenge, congratulations on reaching those weekly goals! If you didn’t complete Week #7, it is not too late to finish this last week strong! Get after this last week, with everything you have left!

Weekly Prize Winner - Week #7

Congratulations to Tim Myers (@tbonemyers) for completing the seventh week of the APU Summertime Challenge and for being drawn from all those that completed the challenge to win this week's Dodger’s Gift Basket! For now he is off on vacation for the week so instead of a photo of him with his prize, here is a picture of one of his lovely workouts from Week #7 in Cabo. 

Week #7 Winner- Tim Myers (@timmyers)

A Week in Review

What an amazing week of fitness! You all showed off some really fun stuff this week! Please check out a few of our favorites from this past week!

We had some great Olympic inspired workouts posted by @markufert and @KentWalkemeyer.

We had workouts posted from a full variety of climates including workouts from @abarton, @seckberg, @nickdevera, and @stephfitch.

@dpeck0404 posted a beautiful workout from Azusa’s very own backyard!

We had some fun workouts posted by @ekemp who reminded us that you can play a game and get your workout in at the same time, and @nconner reminded us that some activities can kill two birds with one stone with her cleaning inspired workout.

@Kcross featured a lovely photo of a few of the members from the Ladies Walking Club!

And finally, @markufert I am not sure how you ran after eating this, but props to you!


Week #7 was so fun! Thanks to each and every one of you who keep finding new ways to get your workouts in and share your encouragement with your friends and those in the community! This last week is all we have left, so let’s give it all we got!



PK Tip:


If you are having issues with your heart rate sensor, they work better with a little moisture. This can usually be helped by a little sweat, but for starters while you’re starting dry, maybe lick your finger and put it on the back of the sensor where it is doing it’s reading! It may sound odd, but it really can help!

As always,

Stay fit,

Bryan Clay