APU Summertime Challenge- Week #4

Hello APU Challengers!

Hello APU Challengers!

Congratulations, we are officially halfway through the challenge! I can’t believe all of the hard work that has gone into this program thus far from the APU faculty! The environment you have created, and the drive and motivation that each of you display on the app is truly inspiring.

If you were one of the participants who completed the challenge this week, congratulations on reaching those weekly goals! Now it’s time complete Week #5 well. If you didn’t complete Week #4, don’t worry! You have an equal chance of participating and winning this upcoming week!

Weekly Prize Winner - Week #4

Congratulations to Andrew Barton (@abarton) for completing the fourth week of the APU Summertime Challenge and for being drawn from all those that completed the challenge to win this week's Date Night gift basket!


Week #4 Winner- Andrew Barton (@abarton) 

A Week in Review

What an inspiring week to watch all of your progress and fun workouts posted to the app! As the weeks progress we get to see each of your character shine just a little more through your workout posts. Slowly we have gotten to see more family, loved ones, and furry friends as the weeks progress! It is truly motivating to see what keeps each of you going during the week! Here are just a few of the workouts that got us inspired this week!

To start us off @jhughes, @jvinatieri, and @psmart100 provided us with some drool worthy views!


We also had an abundance of little ones featured in this week’s workouts. @shubie13, @amandawebbharas, and @kwiedefeld were able to create some family fun and reach their goals at the same time!

@gmwood, and @nickdevera7 showed off some stunning hikes! Definitely worth the view!

@debdowning showed off her at home video workout! Reminding us there are so many options we can do just from our homes. Looks intense Deb!


We had some lovely strolls featured by @pkchallenger, and @stephfitch. What excellent ways to get some activity in, and to make use of a few nearby iconic locations.

Thanks for sharing this mouth watering photo @christianbrazo. I wonder how many people went and got a donut because of this picture??

Last but not least @nateingalls you have us dying to know if you really saw a kangaroo in Glendora California!

That wraps up Week #4, thanks to all of you for making it so incredible! Let’s make the last half of this challenge even more impressive than the first. We are faster, stronger, and more capable to make these next four weeks count!

PK Tip:

You can have a different display name from your username. And you can change the display name whenever you want. Go to your profile page, go to edit profile, and edit the first setting which is your display name. Your username will still be the same, but you will be able to display the name that you are commonly known by, so that your friends will be able to find you!

As always,

Stay fit,


Bryan Clay