APU Summertime Challenge - Week #2

Hello APU Challengers!

We had a fantastic second week of the challenge as we now have 142 APU faculty and staff taking part in the challenge! The second week was all about making adjustments, and getting settled into a routine. We greatly appreciated all of your patience as us at PK had to make some adjustments of our own.

We had 80 of the 142 participants complete the challenge for week! Not bad considering it was holiday, and we are still getting new users up and running! Great job everyone! If you were one of the 80, congratulations on reaching those weekly goals! Now it’s time to get after Week 3. If you weren’t able to meet the challenge requirements in prior weeks, now it’s time to get moving!

Weekly Prize Winner - Week #2

Congratulations to Denise Dally (@dally7777) for meeting the first week APU Summertime Challenge and for being drawn from all those that completed the challenge to win this week's Nutrishop gift basket!

Week #2 Winner- Denise Dally (Dally7777)

A Week in Review

It has been so great to see the creativity shine through in all of the workouts this week. We love seeing all of your comments and encouragement towards each other posted on workouts- APU has proven to be a community that is supportive, fun, and like family. It’s been fun to see all of your workouts and pictures. Here are just a few of the highlights from week #2.

We had way too many cute kids featured in workouts this week. @jcaouette and @melissacummings were just a few of those who took their littles ones along for the ride!


While we’re on the topic of cute things we also had an incredible number of adorable pups as workout companions this week. @megebersole, @wendymrn, and @naomispinella were just a few of those who showed off their model pooches, making the rest of us wish we had a dog.


@ckonoske reminded us that you can do a stair workout almost anywhere, by putting the freshmen dorms to good use.  


@oehrhart and @psmart100 got out and enjoyed the beautiful summer weather from dream-like workout locations. Don’t forget that you can get your workouts in from wherever you are!


@kwiedefeld reminded us that you don't have to stay on dry land to get a good workout in! 

@ddhunter proved that there may be no better time than post-workout to take a glamour shot, with his stylin' selfie. 

Finally, my personal favorite, @danae and @coryjustus showed off their delicious treats! They showed us that it’s good to reward yourself every once in a while.


We are off to a fantastic start. I am so proud of all of the workouts from this past week, and can’t wait to see all of the new ground to be reached in Week 3. Let me leave you with this PK Fitness tip!

PK Tip:

If you notice a friend hasn’t worked out in a while, and needs to get started on their weekly goals, give them a nudge! To nudge a friend, go to their profile and press the nudge button located at the top of their profile to the right of their profile picture. Hopefully this will give them the encouragement they need to get moving! And if you do get a nudge, time to get moving!!

As always,

Stay fit!

Bryan Clay